Friday, November 26, 2010

The Poetry Bus – Who Wrote These Prompts?

Can anyone explain why I didn't write a prompt to match an already written poem? Instead I wrote three different prompts with no clue what my own effort might look like. Go to this post to read the prompts & check out the other bus passengers.

I'm not touching the first prompt. I have had plenty of arguments with God, but I'm not prepared to write about them. This is a family blog. 

Any response to the third prompt has the danger of being too precious right now. I already have the sentences bubbling up from the depths – they need to just stay down there until I feel more cynical about the trees or we'll all end up gagging. 

So that leaves Sam Neill – er, writing about my dream place. Some who know me might believe that it would be Big Rock Candy Mountain. And that might be close to the truth. Except for the gin. Blech. However, this is what happened when I wrote it down:

I try them on for size.
East and west
North and south
Small towns
Or wide open spaces
A mountainside filled
With rhododendron
Or a sandy refuge
By the sea
Lovely haunted
Lonely spaces

At the end of the day
I am on the road
Calling with my usual
"Hey sweetie!
I'm on my way home!"

When I add the phone call
To those daydreams
Any and all of those
Northerly southerly
Country town places
Bloom with life
And color and possibility
They bloom with you


  1. Lovely poem! Home IS where the heart is...

  2. What better dream to dream than being home?

  3. We are on the same track here, Dana. I really loved your slant on this.


  4. Home is always where your heart should be ... lovely!

  5. Lovely poem Bug. A good reply to Mr Bugs poem from last time!
    Great prompts too. Thanks!

  6. Nothing better than that phone call with the one you love to turn all dreams into reality. *sigh*
    This poem is wonderful, Dana.

  7. Nothing better than that phone call with the one you love to turn all dreams into reality. *sigh*
    This poem is wonderful, Dana.

  8. There's the Dream - small towns, wide spaces, mountain and sand refuge, and There's Home - where your sweetie awaits you. The dream comes alive when you reach home.
    Beautiful! I like it.

  9. I added a piece for the bus ... hope this works.


  10. You write beautiful love poems, Dana. Dr. M ought to be proud to have such a role in your life. And nary an aspersion anywhere! Hooray for you!
    Your prompts are fantabulous. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Bus riders do with them. I'll check in with you later when I've done something worth posting. Have a wonderful weekend, dearie.

  11. I love that your love poems are sweet without being sticky-sweet. KWIM? And it's just true- anywhere can be lonely and anywhere can be home.

  12. Wherever I lay my heart, that's my home. Yes, I can go with that!

  13. Blooming anywhere and anyhow- on the way home, before, after ! and home- ahh, nothing like it under the sun,
    Great job, thanks!

  14. thanks for the three suggestions Bug. I'm hoping to climb on the bus this week. Got my ticket so I'm just hoping there is room for a little one!
    Love your post. Precious home.

  15. Ah. Nice. Really.

  16. Shortly and sweetly posted here. (This comment copied to you post dated 23rd. November.)

  17. A lovely poem for sure. Beautiful sentiments. A phone call to the one we love going home, home is all about that place in our hearts.

  18. Soo sweet, and yes, that's the essence of home isn't it?

  19. Yes, you well know what's best about home.

  20. Great Photos.
    Love the heart brownie


  21. Very nice! All seems lovelier and homey when we are with those we want to share the beauty with.

  22. ah, home is where the heart is after all... :) lovely


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