Thursday, November 18, 2010

If I Only Had A Brain...

• My brain is on a blog break – apparently the relief of being (relatively) ok sent it on vacation. However, I don’t need my brain to blog. Really!

• Kimberly said something about good news coming in threes. Well, I’m very disappointed that, in addition to my good news on Tuesday, we did not win the lottery, and I did not run out of the inferior dental floss I’ve been sacrificially using for six months (I bought two – why???). Of course I can’t just toss it. I have to use it until the bitter end. Then, and only then, can I start using my preferred woven floss. It’s a miracle my teeth haven’t fallen out.

• I’ve been asked to write a Thanksgiving poem for our family gathering next week. I hope my brain comes back before I have to produce it – otherwise my family will get a very interesting offering. And by golly they’ll have to be thankful about it! (Not to worry Aunt V, I think I’ve actually written something that will be ok. Maybe).

• The dark evenings have me feeling like it’s bed time at around 7:00 these days. And I ask you, why not just go to bed then? There’s no law that says I have to stay up until 10:00. In fact, I could go to bed at 7:00 and then sleep until 6:30. Normal is not the boss of me! (Obviously)

• We’re back to the season of sheep standing on top of hay rolls. Cracks. Me. Up. And I recently had an epiphany about why I don’t see this in the summer. They eat grass in the summer. Smart sheep! Not so smart me.

I have no idea when this brain blog break will end, so you may expect similar “information” for the next little while. On Thanksgiving I’ll post my fabulous family poem! Or, you know, whatever I’m pretending is the fabulous poem. Don’t worry – I’m not taking a break until Thanksgiving. I’ve got a Poetry Bus poem to compose, a Project 365 to post and a Wordzzle to write. All of which will be highly entertaining without my brain. Woot!


  1. I need proof of aforementioned sheep behavior. Please.

  2. yes, i'd like to see the sheeps on rolls too, sounds cute!
    and yes go to bed at 7, I applaud that!

  3. I'm always a little surprised when we don't win the lottery.

  4. I remembered my camera today - we'll see if the sheep cooperate :)

  5. I'd like to have a looksy at those sheep, too.
    I love to come home and get straight into my jammies in the winter; especially when it seems like 7:00 is 10:00!

  6. Ditto re sheep. And I like random information posts.

  7. yes I hope there is a sheep pic in the project 365...and as far as no brain my favorite line from the scarecrow is when he is asked how he can talk without a brain he says that some people without brains do an awful lot of talking...don't they.

    that surly is me.

  8. I like random post. I know what you mean though - my brain has been mush lately. I think its the weather.

  9. *stern look* <<<< See that look? This is serious!

    Now, as far as most items I've bought I end up regretting that I bought, I use it up and just deal with it. BUT! Dental floss? Hell no! Toss it and buy what you really like.

    I've been there, I've suffered through bad dental floss and it just ain't WORTH it, Sistah! :))))

  10. We are working on documenting the sheep. The weather has been gloomy, and with the days so short, Bug doesn't have much light to work with. We drove by last Saturday morning, but, alack, no sheep out front at all, let alone on the hay :-(

  11. I've had a rough week so missed your good news the other day. Yahoo!!! Bless your brain, in the meantime, while it travels on vacation. I'm sure you'll get by on whatever little gray cells got left behind. I appreciate whatever part of you ends up on your blog!

  12. I like this little ramble wandering through your life. I never win the lottery either but that might be because I never buy a ticket.

    I've been kind of brain blog dead too and very busy this week.

  13. Even when you share bitlets of info, they're entertaining! Especially when they deal with sheep.

  14. Ha! I just noticed you labeled your post Brain Cloud. I used to label some of my posts Mind Weedings when I had my first blog Ageing Wisdoms. Now I am too lazy to label.

  15. I love the fact that you have a family who asked you to write a poem for Thanksgiving. That is very cool.

    And I love the sheep thing. Standing tall.


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