Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle

It’s Wordzzle time again! Once again I’m not too sure about these, but I’ll keep plugging away. It’s doing something to some mental neurons, isn’t it? Please go to Raven’s site to check out other Wordzzles.

Words for the mini: martini, galloping, stallion, ocean, musical

Caryn regretted agreeing to meet Jack at The Musical Stallion. The problem wasn’t the stuffy atmosphere – it was the overt virility of her dinner companion. That, plus the restaurant’s name was so obvious. The tension was just about more than she could handle. Her martini hadn’t slowed her galloping imagination one iota. Staring out the window she could see the roiling ocean echoing her agitation. Finally, she could stand it no more and burst out laughing. Jack tried to look offended but manly, and that made her laugh even harder. “I’m sorry Jack,” she choked out, preparing to bolt from the room, “I just don’t think this is going to work.”

Well, at least maybe this fiasco would stop her mother from setting her up again. Maybe.

Word for the10 word challenge are: chilly, free for all, fit as a fiddle and ready for love, cows, phone book, casserole, witch, wedding, courage, passionate

Putting down her latest bodice ripper, Fit as a Fiddle and Ready for Love, Bug smiled as an old Chilly Willy cartoon came on TV. She was passionate in her love of penguins & he was such a cutie. Hauling another forkful of casserole to her mouth she pondered the free for all that was probably happening at her office right that minute. She didn’t have the courage to face it so she was playing hooky – taking a mental health day.

“Ha!” she crowed, “Those cows I work with need some mental health – especially that witch of a boss.”

“Ooh Bug! Calm down your rhetoric there! You know that Ms. Witch, I mean, Gitch, is planning her wedding & it’s a stressful time.”

Bug waved off Dr. M’s comments – he was always so nice all the time. No fun at all to get a good rant going around him. In fact, if it had been within her reach she would have tossed the phone book at him. Not that their small town produced a big enough one to do any actual damage.

Please note that this is a work of fiction. I neither work with cows nor have a witch for a boss.


  1. Another set of efforts well done! Thanks for the diversion on this gray and chilly day in middle Tennessee.

  2. I loved the disclaimer at the end almost as much as the wordzzles, which were great.

  3. Anne - it's gray & chilly here too. Brrr! I didn't really wear warm enough socks.

    Raven - thanks. I was a bit amused by the disclaimer - especially since my boss is a man :)

  4. Ha! How do you do this. I could never do it. What fun.

    Like Raven, I loved the disclaimer.

  5. Thanks for the laughs. I always knew you had a good sense of humor. I think you should be on a comedy writing team for TV shows.

  6. LOL, Brenda! I just had a flashback to the Dick Van Dyke show, with Rose Marie and Morey Amsterdam...brilliant!


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