My Last Lament – I Promise!

Summer's Last Flower

My hand cupped
the last flower of summer,
its deep purple velvet
a bit bedraggled now.

I watched a raucous
squad of geese
heading away away
in ragged formation.

I heard the ululant
wind sweeping aside
the summer sun.

I tasted the sweetness
of a lingering tomato
nurtured by love.

I inhaled the aroma
of cinnamon and apples
and the coming season.

I heaved a tragic sigh.

the flower, the birds
the tomato and the sun
will come again.
For now, let's eat pie!

This is a One Shot Wednesday Poem.


  1. I loved the very first stanza/haiku. It could stand alone.

  2. The joys of the next season will be upon you soon too.

    Love the pic of your dog too.

  3. i love your poem...i can't believe you still have tomatoes! nice! i wish you could share through the computer screen. :)

  4. My goodness, that was lovely...! You paint a beautiful picture with your words.

  5. great stuff and excellent images with them

  6. Indeed! So many treasures in the fall too. :c)

  7. Autumn IS the season of, pumpkin, and pecan, oh my!

  8. Oh pie... Every season brings new gifts! This was a great way to start the day.

  9. Did I hear pie?! Lovely pics and thoughts, Bug.

  10. cute. And those geese? they passed over my house the other day.

  11. boy don't we just feel like the last flower of the season
    I guess if we have them in front of us
    we still have them
    so enjoy

  12. I have a riot of tomato plants in my side garden by the garage -- still producing this little yellow globes, and each day edging closer to death from frost.

    But, as you suggest, spring will come.

    Good poem(s).

  13. i will definitely take a slice while we wait...smiles.

  14. Your poem and the pictures made me sigh deeply, and also smile. Our next tomatoes won`t appear till next July. But I planted masses of strawberries! And tulips which will sleep in the ground now and spring up in spring. Oh, but the winter! Please, not as much snow as last year!

  15. how nice! i loved the lingering tomato
    nurtured by love..

  16. Make mine ala-mode, please!

    Nice One Shot, Bug!

  17. Quite a natures journey and the end was surprising.. I liked it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  18. Great farewell to the season. Excellent One Shot.

  19. a wonderful tribute to a wonderful season...loved reading this..cheers pete

  20. it's been dark here in the mornings and evenings for a few weeks now and the leaves are falling from the trees

    Your poem was great

  21. This was as sweet as pie! Enjoyed the poetry and the images!

  22. I just need directions to the pie, please.


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