The Poetry Bus Gets Wet

This week the Poetry Bus is being driven by Jessica Maybury. She has asked us to help her compile a "collection of poetry about bathing. Or the sea. Or swimming pools. Or the layout of your bathroom. I want senses and unwound feelings inside."

I'm cheating! I wrote this poem for the Magpie Tales in August (those are Willow's toes in the bath below) and as soon as I saw the Poetry Bus prompt I decided that I'd just trot it out again.

She's Gonna Wash That Man

At page one hundred twelve
she adds more hot
At page two hundred three
she decides it’s not
working anymore.
The plot is a mystery
and the characters,
strangers. Wistfully
she closes the book
and considers her dilemma.
Bubbles burst in empathy.
Hopes dashed are in a
lather of disappointment
She sinks beneath the surface
where her heart beat
is loud with purpose.
At last the bath is done.
As she dries off that shame
despair swirls down the drain.
She can’t even remember his name.


  1. Oh, yeah! I remember this one from before and really like it. It's definitely worth another read!

  2. i remember this one too. glad you posted it again.

  3. thanks reposting. I love this one. A long hot bath can move mountains.

  4. Drains- and books! all wet....wrinkled,
    Good one!
    I cheated- stole the subject and double dipped...

  5. i love the title! and i love the poem!

  6. Wow - she must be a fast reader, if the water stays hot for 100 pages!

    I think it's a great poem (sadly, one I can relate to more than I'd like to admit). Drying off the shame. Been there.


  7. Very neat, very clean, very effective.

  8. "As she dries off that shame
    despair swirls down the drain.
    She can’t even remember his name. "
    Oh, goodness.

  9. It's just as much fun the second tiome around!

  10. Now you can't read a book in a shower (unless its one of those waterproof kiddie ones)

  11. Bug! You wrote it for me!

    And yes, I like Rachel's description: neat, clean, effective.

  12. I'm reading this for the first time - just so you know. Wonderful play on words, visuals and a great bath altogether


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