The Poetry Bus is Inside my Head

The Poetry Bus is being driven by Chris at Enchanted Oak this week. She has asked for:

Poems that address your existence on this earth. Good, bad, or indifferent, tell us something, anything, about your life here.

I've already complained to her that this prompt required contemplation, which is sort of a foreign place for me to be. I'm thinking that I side-stepped the intent of the prompt - and additionally it's not really poem, exactly (it's just a few paragraphs with hard returns in odd places). Wait - aren't all my poems like that?

I wanted to be a librarian.
All those lovely books
and that quiet – shhh!
It was a fine dream
until Mr. Dewey Decimal
did me in.

I wanted to be an accountant.
I could make money!
And count money!
And it would be quiet too.
But I don’t have the temperament
for sober contemplation of numbers.

I was tricked into Human Resources -
all of those stories
and all of those problems.
Oh! The din in my head!
I am not a people person.
So I fled the field in relief.

Sitting in my quiet office
watching geese fly across
a pewter sky
I am at perfect peace.
Tinker tailor soldier spy -
I wonder what I’ll try next?


  1. I'm a people person... as long as I get the right people!

    And I think you are a contemplative person. Absolutely... it's one of the things that makes doing regular jobs so difficult (you're not meant to think - just get on with it)!


  2. love "the pewter sky," and the tinker, tailor piece. What WILL you do next?

  3. Dana Bug, Ah-ha! In fact, you DIDN'T sidestep the intent of the prompt. You stepped right on that sucker! (Check your shoes.)

    And I'm warning you for the penultimate time that I have something awful planned if you cast aspersions on your poetry one more time. It involves marching bands, toilet tissue, sheetrock, and Brussels sprouts.
    Trust me. Writing your poetry is far, far better.

  4. Well...I enjoyed it. Take the advice of Enchanted Oak. Don't be so hard on yourself. I can really see you as a Librarian though. I think I would like that job also.

  5. What do you mean it's not really a poem? It is so a poem, and a good one.

  6. Of course it's a poem, it does everything a poem's supposed to do - and does it well. Congrats.

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  8. I wish I had a window I could look out in my office, at the geese ... I have a window, but it has a big ole fat AC unit that can't be taken in and out. I can't work without it in summer. Oh well.

    But the most important thing is doing what you like, if at all possible. Nice that you feel a perfect peace. Brilliant.

  9. We are seriously twins separated at birth :) I do sorta wish I'd stuck with that first dream of becoming a librarian though. Changed my major like six times before I finally finished college (as an adult), ending up with a degree in communications. Which is a HOOT considering I am terrible at communicating except occasionally through print. But even there I often fail to adequately share what I'm thinking, unable to find just the right words so that others "get it". And I am SOOOO bad at communicating verbally... so often it's "open mouth, insert foot, open mouth wider, insert other foot". Ugh.
    All that to say: your poem (or "paragraphs with hard returns in odd places") struck a cord with me!

  10. This is awesome. I used to know a guy who worked in HR and hatted people, or maybe he just hated lawyers. Either way he was always a hard witness to interview before arbitrations.

  11. Oh I can relate to this! and it is a lovely piece, very heartfelt.
    I got banned to the outdoors and we shall see what I can come up with
    for that. Thanks!

  12. Bug, I really liked this. I think it addressed something we all struggle with which is: should we do what we think we should, or are told we should, or simply accept who we are as being the right course?

    You tried different things, and found what suits you best to be best for you :-)

  13. Beautiful, brilliant! That first rhyme of books with shhh!

    And I love the not a people person.

  14. I really enjoyed how simply, and elegantly, you describe your life's journey .... oh yes, you never know what waits round the bend.

  15. Great poem. I love people that have done lots of different things. It shows more than just versatility, it shows bravery as well in my opinion. You could think about opening a book shop, that is another great ambition. Envious of your window view!!

  16. Oh I can relate to that. I've no idea what I want to do in life any more than I had leaving school 35 years ago!
    I think you structured that poem very nicely.

  17. I really enjoyed the journey and the you that is revealed in your choices. I can see you sitting at your desk, gazing at that pewter sky. Just the perfect setting for writing such a poem.

    Oh, and it IS a poem!

  18. sounds like working poet is the perfect occupation!

  19. NICE! I love the form of each verse with the statement and then the conundrum. Very much like my own life, until now.

    I love your hard returns, by the way!


  20. This is so true of most of us. I could be a people person if I didn't prefer being a hermit and numbers put me to sleep. It's been a struggle to truly "enjoy" several of my jobs. Perhaps you - like me - prefers to just estimate their checking account balance and leave the office doo closed whenever possible.

  21. very nice! wish I had your drive.. you sound like a very game person

  22. NIce poetic journeythere and I love the destination, that last stanza describes a lovely situation! Well done!


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