Project 365 – Week Forty-Eight

Lots of pictures this week – and I left out more than I wanted to. Perhaps another post this week with more Thanksgiving pictures? Just for me & my family? You guys can skip it. Heh.

Sunday, November 21st
It was the end of the day & I realized we hadn't taken any pictures yet. This is our 9 ½ year old Madagascar Dragon tree decorated for Christmas.

Monday, November 22nd
Dr. M took this gorgeous sunrise picture on his way to work on Monday.

Tuesday, November 23rd
Look – I took another picture of the Tax Time Pig – this time you can see his tail feathers a little better.

This is a sunset picture from Dr. M. I share it because it's "my" sky – I made Dr. M use the deep blue of this sky in a painting.

And Christmas decorations in Yellow Springs. Look – a penguin! (I love penguins)

Wednesday, November 24th
Travel day – on our way to NC for the holiday. We stopped at a scenic overlook. Here's me with a river somewhere way below me.

This part of the overlook showed the bridge named for Cornelius H. Charlton. He posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions in Korea in 1951.

I had a lot of fun trying to take sunset pictures out the car window. Here's a reasonably non-fuzzy one.

Thursday, November 14th – Thanksgiving!
My Aunt M made a special Persimmon Pudding for my dad. Since this is one of my very favorite holiday foods I'm pretty sure I ate most of it.

My dad's family had a big gathering in the afternoon – lots of most excellent food. Here I am with my niece J. She was having a great time making faces for the camera, despite her mom's dire warnings that her face would stick that way.

Daddy & Amy performed their award-winning skit about the farmer taking a wife – it was hilarious. I should videotape it sometime.

Here's the crew, minus me (I ran out of formation to take the picture) and my Aunt L (she was resetting the camera for another picture).

Friday, November 26th
Just one picture from today – pansies from Daddy & Amy's yard.

Saturday, November 27th
Another day with a lot of pictures. Here is a sign by Daddy's driveway. He has too many pecans to be messing with walnuts. He hasn't had very many takers yet.

Dr. M took this great picture of a Blue Jay. I'm pretty sure this was the very same bird that knocked pecans onto the roof & woke me up.

Daddy's brother gave him a meat slicer which of course he had to try out even though he didn't have any meat to slice.

This label (courtesy of my dad) has been on the mirror in my parents' home since I was a kid. Maybe since the advent of the blow dryer? It amuses me that my mother never scraped it off, & neither has Amy. I guess we all know that we need the reminder!

Last night we went to another Thanksgiving gathering – this time with Amy's family. We had a great time (I'll send you the pictures Amy), but what I wanted to share most is this bottle tree at her daughter's house. Gorgeous!

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  1. Your sky photos are great as always. Looks like you have a nice family crowd there. I have never tasted persimmon pie. Sour? Sweet?

  2. Persimmon pudding is pretty sweet, but with a bit of a puckish edge to it. It's hard to describe!

  3. I especially love the bottle tree. I have "beach" trees in the yard at the summer home with all kinds of goodies picked up off the the play on words and images.

  4. Love the bottle tree--those are some sturdy branches! And the persimmon pudding--looks like the plate has levitated. 'splain it to me, Lucy!
    Glad to have you home.

  5. Is the bottle tree a fruit tree, or are the bottle just for5 decoration. I know sometime folks put bottles on the branches of fruit tree to get the fruit to ripen in a bottle for brandy or other things???

    Great sunset & sunrise pictures.


  6. Back up to that sunset's gorgeous. I've been seeing those colors with the light oozing into the deep blue and instead of trees along the bottom, animals marching. I'm wanting to create a knitted hat just like that image I have in my brain. Fair isle. Wool.

    You pictures are spectacular!

  7. You're right, Anne! The persimmon pudding is floating. If you ponder it, you will see that there is an olive-sleeved arm extended, the hand covered by the plate, the fabric looking as if it belongs with the basket in the background. Awesome visual effect, Bug!

  8. Omgosh that sign is hilarious. Too funny that it is still up there.
    Love all the sun/sky pictures. Just beautiful.
    That tax pig is so cute. Love the feathers.
    Will it be wearing a santa hat next month?
    That bottle tree is so COOL. Love it.

  9. Such cool images this week, a nice combo of people, food, decoration, and nature. I love that you post more than one pic a day! You are so dedicated. Doing it again next year?

  10. Smashing photos, especially the Madagascan tree dressed for Christmas! The Blue Jay photo was a great shot too.

    Lots of effort in uploading these; well done you.

  11. I would like those free walnuts, please!
    And what are persimmons??

  12. Love the Madagascar Dragon tree all decorated for Christmas. The sky photos are gorgeous, both yours and Dr. M's, and you know I love that Pig from any angle.

  13. Your pig and nature pix always bring a smile. :)


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