Thoughts for a Gloomy Tuesday

• Why didn’t I write a blog post yesterday when I was home doing laundry & such? Instead I’m squeezing one in on my lunch hour because the first day back to work after vacation/holiday is CRAZY.

• Dr. M & I listened to Christmas music on our travels, periodically singing at the tops of our lungs (or maybe I was the only one bellowing – Dr. M actually sings). That Tanya Tucker sings a whale of an Away in the Manger by the way. And I don’t know why, but EVERY TIME I hear the Amy Grant Emmanuel/Little Town/Christmas Hymn suite I just want to bawl. It’s just so beautiful to me.

• I love how Dr. M’s mother is always so thrilled to see him. You can tell she thinks he’s the bees knees.

• I humiliated myself at the family Thanksgiving dinner and it’s Amy’s fault. She made me sing the Barbara Streisand version of the Lord’s Prayer (I was joking & said that we should sing that before the meal instead of having another prayer). Daddy helped, but it was NOT pretty. Oh well, I’m sure that will be the end of requests like that. On the other hand, the poem was well-received. Stick with what you’re good at Bug!

• Speaking of poems, one or the other of us (speaking to Dr. M here) needs to write our annual Christmas poem. We’re even (9 each), so it doesn’t matter which of us does the deed. We’ll see if the muse strikes sometime in the next couple of weeks.

• I’ve just been given a mission to find film for a Polaroid camera. The chickie (seriously – she’s probably 18) at the local Walgreens had NO IDEA what I was talking about. Then she pretended to go check & came back & said she was sorry she didn’t have anything that old. Ouch!

• Well, lunch is almost over – better get this posted. When I get home I’m going to look at some of my old Polaroid pictures & reminisce. Why, they’re only 35 years old!


  1. i love listening to christmas music! even better to sing it out loud, way to go you two!

    you could have enlightened her by telling her that sexy polaroids were the only form of home made porn back in the day.

    did i just write that?

  2. No recording of the Barbara ditty? I think it is wonderful that you sing for your own happiness, but I am sure you sounded wonderful!!

    Can't wait to see the poem.

  3. Finding film for a Polaroid camera? Do photograph a dodo, perhaps?

  4. Top of the lungs is the ONLY way to sing Christmas music...which is why I usually find myself alone in the car?

    I've been listening to the Philadelphia Symphony Brass Christmas music CD. LOVE those trumpets. And yes, I can even sing along to those!

  5. There is nothing more fun than singing really badly!

    I tried to find film for a polaroid film for a church thing (VBS maybe?) a few years ago. When I found it I almost fainted when the sales clerk told me how much he wanted for 18 pictures... (I was going to be taking over 400 pictures).

    I would be interested to hear if you do find it, and what its cost is now.

  6. I've been bellowing to Christmas music since Black Friday! It's the official start of the season for me. Do you have David Archuleta's Christmas CD? If not, let me know... I'll send you one... it's FABulous! I'm also partial to Martina McBride, Vince Gill, and Jewel.

  7. P.S. LOL @ Everyday Goddess... I, ahem, agree with that statement.. cough, cough.


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