Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S. As much as I think we should support our active troops, I feel like our veterans, especially those who have seen action, need even more support. And apparently the Tax Time Pig agrees! I love how the camouflage actually works – it's kind of hard to see his outfit against the bush.


P.S. If you'd like to read an inspiring story about a World War II prisoner of war (written by my father's wife Amy about her first husband) go here. As an update to that post – she won a gold medal in the state competition for her essay.


  1. It is amazing to read stories like that and be reminded of that generation's valor and bravery. Veterans around the country should be so proud.

  2. I will never get enough of the tax time pig. Thank you for sharing the link to Amy's story. Its important for us who remember all who have served for us.

  3. Yay for Amy! We aren't particularly good at follow-through in this country, in all sorts of ways, and the treatment of and help for our Veterans is one such example. I wish I had a clearer sense of something to do to help.

  4. Thank you for the story, Dana.

    Jayne, you need to know that those stories of valor aren't limited to that generation. My family is all military and each one of us while on active duty have seen acts of service towards the 'enemy' that have been more characteristic of the American soldier/airman/seaman/marine than what the media normally portrays.

    Altar ego - one of the ways you can help Veterans is to see if there's a VA in your town and ask what they need. Sometimes they need people to drive veterans to appointments. Sometimes vets just need someone to talk to (especially the older ones). If there's a family of a deployed service member, grocery gift cards are a HUGE plus.

    And pray. Always pray.

  5. i lost all track of time today and happened to walk into a shop just after they had announced the 2 minute silence - as soon as i realised what was happening i stopped moving: but one woman who had done the same got really angry when she was told off

  6. My little brother is in the Navy so I see all the sacrifices he makes for our country. While I'm not heavily on patriotism, I still appreciate each and every person who has served or is serving our country.


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