Weekly Wordzzle

One of these days I'll write stories that take whole pages. Really! Please go to Raven's site to check out the other stories!

Words for the mini: just like you, leaves, everything in the store, continuing, dramatic

I am just like you. I'm not being dramatic, just stating the truth. When you look in the mirror you might see my face just as well as your own. It's the continuing story of the world. Leaves bud and grow and fall to the ground – and yet we stay the same. Everything in the store of our memories reaches across this space between us. Can you see me? I am just like you.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were: charity, clouds, empty bottle, Give me liberty or give me death, medicine, shrimp, clear as a bell, credible, hole, Aunt Sally 

The empty bottle told the story. I could hear Aunt Sally shouting from her front steps, "Give me liberty or give me death!" The words were clear as a bell, clear as the night sky above me. Some people might consider it to be charity on my part that I looked after this crazy old aunt. But when she took her medicine she was really fascinating, an actual credible person. Running out of medicine caused the clouds to come rolling in so that her mind became a black hole. Pulling her out of that gravity field was difficult and time consuming. I trotted up the steps & took her arm, pulling the refill out of my pocket. If I could get the first dose into her before she started quoting Forrest Gump I was golden. But, no, I could hear the muttered word, "shrimp." Oh well, this was going to be a long night.


  1. Oh, these were really good! Your mini is kind of haunting and way more original in its use of the words than mine.

    And what a warm picture of caring in the Aunt Sally story, with a dash of humour, too.

    Still slaving over my efforts this week.

  2. I really like the mini, and the shrimp touch in the second was fantastic!

  3. Very nice stories. I like crazy Aunt Sally! :-)


  4. Finally got something posted myself.

    These are BRILLIANT. Actually, the measure of a great wordzzle is brevity so you have made two little wordzzle masterpieces here. Well done!


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