2011 Project 365 – Week Thirty-Four

This week is all about the birds & blooms. I’ve enjoyed being home & getting better every day. To read more about my week go here and here.

[Please note: No Tax Time Pig pics again this week. S/he is located near where I work - about 40 miles south of here. So it will be another week or so before we have any updated pictures. Sob.]

Sunday, August 14th   
Double lily looking beautiful.

Monday, August 15th
Our next door neighbors brought us comfort food – chicken casserole!

Robin at Be Still and Know sent me a prayer shawl – isn’t she the best?

Tuesday, August 16th  
More food from neighbors! I’m pretty sure that all of this came from their garden. She also brought over potato salad – yum!

Wednesday, August 17th  
Dr. M’s university sent me flowers. So pretty!

That evening Dr. M & I sat outside and laughed at our back yard.

Thursday, August 18th       
I love how the woodpeckers look like they’re working so hard for their food.

One final lily of the season – they’ve been gorgeous!

Friday, August 19th
Terrible, horrible, no good day! I was SO SICK. I won’t go into details, but I will say that they’re not just whistling Dixie when they say you should watch your diet when you’re taking pain meds. This day I only ate about 40 goldfish & then Dr. M made this nice soup out of the basil & zucchini from our garden. He didn’t want to try to find the blender, but I kind of like the chunkiness.

Then later we sat out in the yard again. What a great evening! Here is a house finch & a chickadee being peaceable at the bird feeder.

The weekly squirrel – Ninja Squirrel!

We had the best time following this hummingbird around (with our eyes – I wasn’t roaming around the yard chasing a hummingbird!).

Saturday, August 20th
Dr. M wandered around this morning taking pictures of the yard.

 Isn't this a cool spider web?

And here is the State of the Bug – Mavis & I are freshly washed (well I am – I had my first shower in almost two weeks today!) & reading a book together.

Go to Sara’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!


  1. Love that last photo!
    Sorry you were so sick, ugghh!
    Que te mejores pronto! (May you continue to improve!)

  2. I love seeing pictures of your week.

  3. Love the photos that reflect your continuing joy in all that surrounds you!

  4. Such lovely photos, you look really well despite the sickness.

  5. Oh, that cwazy squirrel.

    Glad to hear the neighbors are looking out for you.

    Can't wait for the pig pics. So glad you're enjoying being at home and getting better.

  6. I am so happy that your recovery is going well, those occasional bad days are easier to get past when everything else is going well.

    I absolutely love that double lily! I don't think I have ever seen one before!


  7. I heart day lilies. And I love the lone daisy photo and the pose of you and Mavis. Keep rockin' it, girl!

  8. YIPEE for finally getting to take a shower.

    Zuchinni in soup? that sounds wonderful!

    Love the bumble bee picture!!!

  9. so glad you're on the mend. the tax pig can wait!

    that yellow bird is beautiful!! all our birds are just brown. :-/

    the soup looks delicious!

  10. Love all your pics. My favorite is the Squirrel, great shot!!! Hope you recover quickly.

  11. I'll bet you thoroughly enjoyed your shower too!

    That spider web is pretty cool!

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised with all your mad photography skills that you got pictures of a hummingbird. I have yet to truly succeed.

  12. Loved your pictures this week. The double lilly was gorgeous. I also thought the standing squirrel was precious. I could almost see him line dancing LOL

  13. So glad to hear things are still going well except for the one nasty episode.

  14. sorry you were so sick!!!

    that squirrel picture is so funny!!!

    Sure wish I lived closer to you for some tomatoes! ours burned up a long time ago!

  15. SO...I have been outta the loop for most of the month due to school and football and I missed your whole surgery dealio...so glad that it went well and you are recovering. Love that you are able to sit and relax in your backyard and share what you see through your photos. Love your penguin pillow pet as well...I have secretly always wanted the ladybug one! Here's to a good week and feeling better!

  16. Ninja Squirrel is cool - and i love your lillies

  17. Beautiful flowers from the university. I also love that blanket. Lovely!

  18. LMAO at that squirrel. Glad I saved this to read on a Monday. Thanks for the laugh.

    That last hummingbird photo is amazing!


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