2011 Project 365 – Week Thirty-Three

This is kind of an unusual week of pictures. For one thing, I actually took most of them. And there are no birds! (I don’t know how that happened either). And I do believe that there’s a State of the Bug picture practically every day this week.

Sunday, August 7th   
Since I knew that I wouldn’t be using makeup for a while I decided this was an excellent opportunity to wash out my makeup brushes.

Dr. M bought me a present. She's a pillow! She's a pet! She's a penguin pillow pet! Her name is Mavis (I introduced her earlier this week on my post after my surgery).

Monday, August 8th
The Day has Finally Arrived! Here I am looking all chipper, ready to head into surgery.

And here I am afterward – don’t I just look blissed out?

And here I am in my room trying to look cute.

Tuesday, August 9th  
One of the many excellent uses of Mavis. She was a great lap desk!

Dr. M went home on Tuesday to do some stuff around the house & theoretically get a good night’s sleep. He took this picture – made me smile.

Here I am at 9:00 at night wondering if I’ll be able to stay awake for the Braves game. The answer is no.

Wednesday, August 10th  
I was awake at 5:00 taking my pain meds. I was just dozing off when I glanced out the window & saw the sun rise.

I look ready to go home, don’t I?

They sprung me! And I took a picture of this great car – the license plate says: TWDY PIE

Isn’t the sky beautiful? I thought maybe I just thought it was pretty because I’d just been sprung, but I’m pretty sure that you think it’s pretty too. [Note: I am still taking pain meds]

Here I am taking a picture of mobile me. I was instructed to keep both hands on the handles young lady because that’s a wheeled walker thank you very much.

Thursday, August 11th       
Busted! Dr. M thought it would be cute to take a picture of me coming around the corner, but then he got all annoyed because I was trying to carry my netbook at the same time. As it happens, he was right – that thing was very tricky to try to carry that way!

To soothe his temper, he went outside & took pictures of green things.

Friday, August 12th
The home health care folks stopped by yesterday, but today is the day I remembered to check out the folder they gave me. I decided to not be offended by the first insert I saw. Heh.

Our neighbors stopped by to see how we’re doing & brought me the cutest little miniature rose. Thanks K & R!

Dr. M took a picture of the moon. Love it!

Saturday, August 13th
The weekly squirrel. Doing some silly squirrel thing.

Look – I’m wearing a different shirt! Just in case someone was worried about my wardrobe.

Here’s my little futon nest – you can see Mavis’s backside there. Sometimes it’s just more comfortable to have something at my back when I’m sleeping on my side.

I’m doing a lot of sleeping and working seek-a-word puzzles. That’s about all my brain can handle currently. I will probably visit all your blogs, but whether or not you get a (coherent) comment will be hit or miss.

Go to Sara’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!


  1. So good to see you and how you're doing. You smile a lot, that is a good sign. And you are well cared for, that is good. Mavis is so cute and cozy looking. No way do you fit in the 'elderly' category. (You may remember I was labeled among the elderly in a front page article!)
    I haven't even started on my P 365.

  2. Hey! You're up and about! We like this about you :).

    I hope your convalescence is trouble-free and that your walker doesn't get away from you with those wheels and all :). But no more carrying the netbook while rolling!

  3. Great photos, that moon one is terrific!
    Great to see you are home and smiling (maybe just the meds, but a smile is a smile)

  4. I'm so happy to hear things are going well for you. Don't be reluctant to take those pain meds. They are really important to enable you to do your exercises.

    I may have to get one of those pillow pets to use for a lap desk.

  5. So glad you are doing well!!! It really is amazing you can have hip surgery and be home the same week!!!

    btw, you are supposed to wash out your make up brushes?! :-{

  6. Mavis is the best! We, like everybody else, joked about Pillow Pets, but then we saw Mavis and had to have her (we have LOTS of penguins in our house!). Turns out she was perfect for Dana's hospital room, and now she has a place of honor on our futon :-)

  7. You need a bag tied on to the front of your walker for toting your stuff around. It won't look too old...old people carry pee bags on theirs. You'll look hip, so to speak.

  8. Nothing like having a CyberNag, is there? Hee hee! (Well, someone had to do it.) You look and sound like you're doing great. Which is good, because I would hate to have to come down there and...!

  9. Sara - I never washed my brushes until I got some "nice" ones - and then they felt so good afterward that I really try to do it every six weeks now.

    I really do need one of those hanging bags - I don't care if I look goofy. Why, just today I walked around outside the house with my shorts & TED hose on - I'm fashion forward!

  10. I am so glad that you are home and have your procedure behind you!

    Pain meds are a good thing while they last....

    Now be sure and follow DR. orders and Dr. M's too that knotted plow whatever sounded painful!


  11. good to see you looking so well, and the moon shot is lovely - but where's Tax Time Pig??? Hopefully he'll return :)

  12. Glad to see you are recouping nicely. Loved the pictures this week...especially Mavis. I remember the first time someone gave me a discount for senior tea...I was not even close to being old enough. Missed Tax Time Pig.

  13. Tax Time Pig update: we drove by on Wednesday on our way home from the hospital, and the pig was still dressed in the purple from last week. Alack, the pig is not in our local neighborhood, so it may be a couple of weeks before we see it again.

  14. Great to see you up and about. You are naughty to try to carry things and walk with the walker-thing (husbands are there for the using, don't you know!). I too liked the moon shot. Tried to get a few of those last night myself and it's not easy, is it?

  15. Good to see you making progress!Maybe we should all have surgery to snag excellent presents ( just kidding!)
    all best wishes!

  16. Bless your heart. You've been through it. I am inspired by your cheerful disposition and good sense of humor, though. Glad you're home and getting some rest.

    My man would have been mad at me carrying the computer like that, too. But he wouldn't have put it past me. I am the reason my camera is broken. And he told me so!! ;)

  17. I love so many things about this!
    *You still take pictures under the influence of pain pills
    *Yours husband is all about taking pictures too
    *Pillow Pets.. best invention EVER
    *Smart using it as a lap top desk
    *Flowers from friends - mini roses a bonus
    *you look FANTASTIC! (still smiling through it all)

  18. I'm so glad to see you smiling, you look great! I hope you have an easy recovery.

    Hugs & love,

  19. You look like you are doing well and even cheating a bit on the rules. Get better quickly! Try not to go crazy being cooped up. :) Love the moon picture. Gorgeous! TAke care.

  20. Awww... Mavis is cute!

    Your futon looks a lot like our old couch. They must've been made from the same material.

    You had a lot of smiles this week so I'm guessing the surgery went really well. I'll bet your ready to really be moving again though. Then again, maybe you're enjoying the break!


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