2012 Project 365 – Week Twenty-Nine

Another hot (mostly) dry week here in Ohio. We had a nice visit with Dr. M’s uncle, aunt & cousin on Sunday (so there are a lot of pictures from that day – oops!)
Saturday, July 14th
Busy bird feeder…

The Board of Directors with its Chairman.

Our sunflower.

Sunday, July 15th
We had lunch in Yellow Springs with the NC folks. We all loved this bench.

The State of the Bug. Can’t you see me on the bench? No? Oh, I’m behind the camera. Yes, I forgot to photograph myself this week. I know you’re really bummed.

After visiting Dr. M’s campus, we stopped by a farm stand & visited with their pet buffalo. This is Uncle B after feeding some corn to Buffy and that silly goat.

Then we went to Young’s Jersey Dairy to get ice cream. Here are the Jersey Girls.

After they left Dr. M took a picture of some flowers that have shown up behind our hedge – makes us smile.

Of course, these ladies who were on the move from next door make us smile too.

Monday, July 16th     
The squirrel (we think) broke off the sunflower head, which made us very sad. However, doesn’t it look nice on our shelf? 

Tuesday, July 17th
The last of the yellow daylilies.


I was behind this car trying to merge onto the highway & they were driving kind of slow. I kept saying, “Go go go go!” and then I noticed the license plate & said, “Go with God, but GO!”

Wednesday, July 18th   
We got a few drops of rain! Can you see? What – the teaspoon of rain in the jar isn’t showing up?

Wet tomatoes.

Thursday, July 19th       
Dr. M saw this field of sunflowers – so much fun.

The last orange daylily.

The remains of my lunch today. I just couldn’t do it. I ate the littler pieces, but the big carrot chunks were just too much for me. Blech!

Friday, July 20th        
Dr. M saw a goldfinch on our front hanging basket. Lovely!

Go to Sara’s blog here to see the blogs of all the other Project 365 participants. Have a great week!

Most of our photos are taken with a 12 megapixel Nikon D5000 DSLR, using a 55-200mm zoom lens. This is the camera that Dr. M takes with him most days. He also takes pictures with our old reliable 7 megapixel Canon Powershot A710.  The Bug uses our new Nikon Coolpix S6200 most of the time. If you’re interested in which camera was used for a particular shot, just ask! 


  1. Eventually Ellen - but it was mighty slowly.

  2. Dear Bug,

    Please make a video of your squirrels and use this music as background: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAYhNHhxN0A

    Thank you,


  3. Leo is crazy!

    As usual, I love all of the photos. Perhaps you could photoshop yourself onto that bench.

    Buffy is adorable!

  4. Love the field of sunflowers. They've always been my favorite flower.By the way, I know you love squirrels so you might want to avoid my post tomorrow.

  5. I'm loving the bench! Carrots? No, thank you; definitely not if they're cooked!

  6. Stephen Hayes: I think squirrels are silly...and tasty. I have a definite love/hate relationship with them out back :-) My favorite pic, though, is Uncle and the buffalo. I can't believe they came to see us! Still feeling the love, a week later (<3)

  7. You don't like carrots? my daughter doesn't either..I don't get it, what's not to like?!

    Love the bench!

    When we lived in ND, we would drive by fields and fields of sunflowers in the summer....so gorgeous!

  8. As always awesome pictures this week. I thin k the goldfinch is one of my favorite birds, but I love cardinals as well!

    Great week, love cows too! All my favorites this week, birds, flowers and cows!!!


  9. Lovely flowers, as usual. My daylilies died ages ago! Hope you had a nice visit.

  10. The sunflowers are amazing!
    I noticed the interesting pottery as well.
    Very unique artistic bench.
    Quite a different week of pics.

  11. Oh how I have missed you and your photos...such beautiful ones. OK Bella grew a sunflower from one of those little $.99 seed pots from Target it is now so pretty. I also have those pasta bowls AND don't like cooked carrots!! Well what a great post to come back to!!

  12. hahaha Got a kick out of the license plate and your admonition to GO!

    I love sunflowers and especially enjoy seeing whole fields of them. (Driving through Nebraska a few years ago convinced me that they do nothing but grow sunflowers in that state. ha!)

    So you're not a fan of carrots? I luuuuurve 'em :) But especially when they've been cooked with a nice piece of savory meat and onions or garlic, because then they absorb those yummy flavors. But, I'll take 'em any way I can get 'em. Had some steamed and then lightly salted and buttered the other day. YUM! I'll eat yours for you :)

    So you did get some rain, but not enough to make much of a difference? Well, just have to keep praying for more! Maybe get out in your back yard and do a little rain dance too? :)

  13. I agree. Not much on the carrot chunks myself. Bleah! Raw carrots, yes. Cooked are evil. (And okra remains Satan's boogers).

    *waves* Hello!

  14. Go with God...ha! I would have said the same thing. :)

    Love all the sunflowers!!

    You have to do what I tell my kids...eat the stuff you don't like first to get it out of the way! :) easier said than done.

  15. Loved the photos this week. The buffalo is massive. The squirrel was so cute. Tell Dr. M the gold finch was beautiful. I so enjoy the live shots of animals and birds. Thanks for making my day.


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