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Stealing Ellen’s idea again…

- Dr. M & I are going to see the Dead Sea Scrolls tomorrow – and I’m checking another thing off of my 50x50 list (you thought I’d forgotten all about that didn’t you?). I’ll have a review of how I’m doing sometime next week.
- So far I’ve had to do two Junior Warden type things: purchase trash bags & tin foil, and get Dr. M to replace a hasp & lock on a door. So I think I’ve got this gig down pat now.
-My doctor is concerned about my kidney function and has forbidden me to take any more NSAIDs. She’s right to be concerned - I’ve been taking ibuprofen pretty regularly for around seven years now (since my hip arthritis diagnosis). So I’m going to try some other things – including not taking anything at all. I might finally give up diet soda since aspartame has been linked to joint pain. During this process I’m going to try Very Diligently to not whine. (But I’d like to note for the record, that it’s now spring allergy season & I have a sinus headache. Ha!).
-I’m realizing just how much I don’t like it when I don’t get my own way. I was practically in tears in the doctor’s office (prompting her to prescribe something that I probably won’t be taking). As I was driving home I gave myself a stern talking to. “Suck it up Ms. Bug! You just need to roll with the punches & quit being such a wuss!”
-I am empty of poetry. I just don’t see the world that way anymore. For now anyway. Kind of makes me sad. Although maybe now I’ll write somber verses about pain. Something for you to look forward to!
-The Braves & Reds have both won two of their first three games, which is a good thing since my NCAA bracket is totally busted. I have one team left (Louisville). All my other picks bit the dust. Next year I’m going to make my choices based on team colors & mascots. Ha!

Here's a likely candidate - the Wichita State Shockers. And they're in the Final Four this year! According to this site, Wichita State got its name due to its early days, when students earned money by shocking, or harvesting in wheat fields near the university. I think they're my new favorite!


  1. You should try the golden raisins soaked in gin for your arthritis. I use them now and again and it really seemed to help. golden raisins in a jar, cover with cheap gin, leave exposed to the air until the gin evaporates then close with a tight fitting lid. eat nine every day. it's non-alcoholic for all you tea-totalers, the alcohol evaporates.

  2. Sorry you are still having aches and pains. And I know your poet muse will re-join you later.

    I hadn't seen any of the Witchata games so the Shocker was something of a shock. Cool!

  3. Your news has had me in tears, too. It has been seven years of pain for you...dang. On the other hand, love that Shocker mascot!

  4. The raisins soaked in gin my father swore by. I hurt for you my friend and hope everything works out. My cousin had hip replacement surgery several years ago...and now has to have it again...because her hip has been recalled. I would laugh at the concept if I did not realize how much pain she is going to have. Sigh! Can't win for losing medically these days.

  5. I've heard of the gin-soaked raisins, too, though I've never tried it.

    Germans are big on holistic, natural medicine and some of that has stuck with me. I'm not opposed to modern medicine at all, but I do like natural approaches (when they work). For chronic pain, exercise seems to work, especially stuff like tai chi, yoga, walking, etc. And I would try acupuncture - a friend of mine with chronic pain swears by it.

    Good luck! Looking forward to your 50x50 update.

  6. I hope you can find a way to resolve this situation in a manner that allows your inner spirit to shine. I have arthritis in my shoulder and cortisone shots seem to do the trick, even though my doctor says this won't work.

  7. Gin-soaked raisins! Fascinating! I've never heard of that. I think giving up the diet soda is an excellent decision -- just a bunch of useless chemicals, really. Water is where it's at!

    I always chose my side in athletic events based on uniforms and mascots. I liked the Miami Dolphins primarily because of the dolphin!

  8. Of course, read this AFTER I'd sent you a message on Fb. :c) NSAID's are wonderful, until they aren't.

    How about trying something topical, like Therapain Plus, and/or starting a joint supplement like Joint Juice? Can't hurt, might help?

  9. I'm sorry that you're still experiencing pain. Chronic pain is a terrible thing. I hope you can replace the ibuprofen with something else that works for you.

    I love hearing about you checking things off your list. The only thing I have on my list is to start a list. :)

    Take care.

  10. Oh, dear Bug. Chronic pain is a life ruiner when you can't see past it. I know. Boy, do I know.

    You know my Policy: Wallow first.
    Then, once you've had Your Moment--however long it takes--start trying everything (as long as it's not dangerous).

    Sadly, exercise is the best thing for arthritis and joint pain, and because of the pain, it's the last thing you feel like doing. But movement is the prescription. Rick had spinal fusion many years ago for his degenerative disc disease and severe arthritis in his back, and is in chronic pain. He simply has to move and do exercises. He can't move if he doesn't. But it often hurts to move much. It's awful.

    I'm with Steve Reed. I only drink coffee and water as far as soft drinks go. Can't drink carbonated stuff, and I find I don't really miss it. You can do it!

    Get your tough face on like the Shocker.

  11. Until I read the caption, I thought he was supposed to be a lightning bolt -- shockers? That's a great name and mascot!

    I'm sorry you're off the NSAIDS. Better to have good kidneys though. The gin soaked raisins - there might be something to that if the gin is made from juniper berries (real gin).

    The poet in you will flow again...and we will enjoy when it does.

  12. not much consolation i know, but after a weeklong migraine i've pretty much given up caffiene - which was very painful the first few weeks at work

    Is that mascot a cheese string?

  13. I have a friend who says that the gin soaked raisins really work!

    I have not tried them yet, however i would op for just a shot of gin, well make that vodka and call it a night!

    But I hear ya in the winning about being in pain. It seems that there is some part of my body that is always making it's presence know in some form or fashion on a daily basis.

    No fun!



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