Sunday, April 11, 2010

Magpie Tales, Week Nine


The mirror reflects
my dissatisfaction.
Done, though.
Just done.

A small university choir
singing a difficult composer.
It won't be pretty – so I'm prepared
to be witty with my criticism.

They sang: Requiem aeternam dona nobis
Grant them rest eternal
Et lux perpetua luccat eis
And light perpetual shine on them forever.

They sang: Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi
Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world
Dona eis requiem
In thy mercy grant them rest.

There is no wit in death.
Those eyes of reproach
and bewilderment.
Those eyes of David.

In retrospect, I find
that the mirror was
more than kind –
and the color of my lipstick

does not matter.

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, and a lovely performance of John Rutter's Requiem at Dr. M's university.


  1. I'm glad the mirror was more than kind and the performance was lovely.

  2. I LOVE John Rutter's Requiem. It was the first major piece that my small college did in my freshman year. I was so moved by its beauty. I had not yet experienced anything that awe-inspiring; it truly touched my soul. I grew up a little in learning that work of art.

  3. Ah! Love it. and the lipstick...perfect!

  4. Nicely conceived piece.
    Really, what does matter? Just being! I scold the mirror every morning for showing me someone I do not know. ;)

  5. A beautifully written magpie ... and John Rutter's Requiem moving.


  6. Sombre deeply felt poem of anguish and despair. The holocaust memorial musical selection piece is majestic and soul-transcending. Love "Those eyes of David".
    It obvious one would not recall or be oblivious to what kind or colour lipstick once hearing that remarkable opus.

  7. wow. you brought that together so does not matter...nice magpie!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Bravo - ah the Requiem - lovely! Such profound imagery, Death, David, and 'seeing' in retrospect through the mirror to the other side, where the small things (like lipstick) really don't matter in the larger picture of life and all we have to endure (like the Holocaust). Well done.

  10. That was very moving. Inside the music, lipstick is trivial.

  11. Strong and vital, this piece rings with authenticity. Lovely!

  12. Quite a different slant and chilling.


  13. What an interesting post. Lots of different images brought to mind. Lipstick is a mask. We all need a mask to cover up the hurt!
    Blessings, Star

  14. Discussion of serious music, something we don't see all that often. Thanks.


    Happy Tuesday!
    I did my first one!

  16. Oh, PS. Thanks for the "lilies" catch on my blog. I laughed my head off (and am still chuckling) at my TIA-simulated choice of the wrong flower name. I really do know my flowers. Really, I do!

  17. Wow. Beautiful and powerful.

    And, actually ... the color of your lipstick DOES matter. I'm sure you always choose the right shade.

  18. John Rutter's Requiem, and your magpie tail, reminds us that there are more important things in life.

    This was so thoughtful and beautifully written.

  19. I loved the incorporation of the Latin. This was excellent!

  20. This line especially sort of stopped me in my tracks, made me pause and think:

    There is no wit in death.


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