Saturday, April 17, 2010

Project 365 - Week Sixteen

Sunday, April 11th
On Sunday Dr. M took pictures of the blossoms on the apple tree by our back fence. And look – there's a bee doing its thing.

Monday, April 12th
On Monday Dr. M took this picture of these gorgeous tulips – I love the color!

And then he caught this very disdainful llama – doesn't it look like it's telling him that he does not have permission to take its picture?

Tuesday, April 13th
On Tuesday Dr. M finally caught the elusive red winged blackbird on film. Except I guess it's not film, is it? Hmm – do we change the saying to "caught on digital media" now?

And here is what appears to be a finch being chased by a bee – hilarious!

Wednesday, April 14th
On Wednesday night Dr. M gave a lecture on Abraham Lincoln. One of his students caught him in action.

 Thursday, April 15th
On Thursday, besides taking a picture of the Tax Time Pig, I finally stopped to take pictures of the burros who live with my favorite sheep. They're so cute with their big heads & stubby legs.

And Dr. M took a picture of the neighbor's wisteria. They brought it here from Mrs. L's homeplace in southern Ohio.

Friday, April 16th
Dr. M's university town had a big day on Friday. They are having a gathering of WWII planes at the local airport. This is a formation of B25s and P51s.

 And the school had its annual Relay for Life event, raising money for cancer research. In addition to all kinds of events, they had the pleasure of seeing the university president in bicycle shorts (I'll spare you the picture – but he was planning to ride his bike for the whole 18 hours of the event), and one of the professors played music with his band. Dr. M says that the band is great – and that Professor E is really good. Wouldn't you like to take a class with him?

Saturday, April 17th
Today Dr. M mowed the grass for the 3rd time this year. There is always a nice feeling of symmetry and accomplishment once the grass is mowed!

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  1. I especially love Love LOVE the photos this week!

  2. I agree, great photos. I really like the apple blossoms and the wisteria, the lama too.

  3. Love that smell of freshly cut grass...and the look of a manicured lawn...and thankful that I don't have to do it!!

    Love ALL the flower pictures, wow they are so beautiful.

    That llama is like my Andrew when caught on film saying "Now what do you think YOU'RE doing??"

  4. I've yet to cut the grass here this year.

    Maybe next week.

    It was wonderful to see Dr. M in action though!

  5. we have had such a gorgeous spring!

  6. loved your pictures this week!!

    my mom has a beautiful wisteria in her yard too...they are lovely!!!

    so funny the bird being chased by a bee...can't believe he caught that in action!!!

    and I love the picture of the grass...very cool!

  7. Some great pictures of SPRING! Yeah, it's finally here! I am a little sad though, I have a wisteria and it is looking nothing like that one! Maybe there is still hope?

  8. Very nice pics, thanks for sharing!

  9. That wisteria is amazing!
    How did you catch the bee chasing the bird picture? That takes talent or patience!
    Have a super week!!

  10. Lovin' all the cool frames around the amazing photos :-) I wish I could get my photos as clear and crisp. Especially flower ones. *sigh* My hubby would LOVE to be there for the airplane event :-) He's into anything and everything aviation. Llama photo too funny! Sort of a "How dare you!" look. LOL

  11. You captured some really amazing shots of nature this week! Love all of the pretty!

  12. I love your pictures this week... your bee pictures are amazing!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. I loved all your nature photos. Love the frames around them too. You take beautiful pictures. The picture of the llama is so funny.

  14. Awesome photos! LOVE the ones of the birds, flowers and bees ... but, for some reason, the grass half mown (mowed?!) is my favorite! VERY cool.

  15. Love the grass mowing picture - epic!

    Wisteria. I could smell it just looking at it. All the flowers and animal pics were just beautiful. Having fun, aren't you?!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I didn't miss your week!

    Have a good one.

  16. poor finch. love the llama... too cute. flower pix are lovely. and the lawn pic... creative. :)

  17. I always enjoy your photos! (or Dr. M's, but you are the one who presents them so artistically!) What a variety this week.


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