Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project 365 – Week Seventeen

Sunday, April 18th
Martha Goose is ready to help with the gardening! Please note the poppy in her pocket leftover from a long ago Memorial Day.

Monday, April 19th
On Monday Dr. M took a ton of great pictures. I picked only my favorite three to share with you.

Tuesday, April 20th
On Tuesday Dr. M took some pictures around campus. A lovely iris, and the cutest bug! It belongs to his office-mate & I have a bit of a crush on it.

Wednesday, April 21st
On Wednesday I actually took a picture. Of our busted garage door. Hopefully the property manager will approve a new one!

Thursday, April 22nd
On Thursday I finally took a picture of a barn I pass on my way to work every day. I'm guessing it's been painted for quite a while now. Since the early 1990s I reckon.

Friday, April 23rd
Oh Friday Dr. M found a buffalo on the back roads on the way home from school. A buffalo!

Saturday, April 24th
Today I went to the birthday party of a former coworker's daughter. Former as of this past Thursday. She's one of the ones that J's losing. We love S & will miss her a lot. Anyway, this party was dinosaur themed & the birthday girl's grandmother made these great cupcakes with twinkies on top. Yum!

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  1. yay buffalo!

    and those cupcakes look lethal.

  2. A! I so want a convertible bug to toodle around town!

  3. I love the picture of the pig! It made me smile.

  4. You have such wonderfully interesting things around you to snap. No bufalo here or irises. Your garage door sure looks messed up, did someone drive into it? Great pics and commentary as always.

  5. You guys have great photographic instincts.
    Dr. M took a ton of pictures or pictures of tons??? (Those are heavy weight creatures.)
    Is it bug love, or the Love Bug ?
    Love the barn pic!

  6. you find the greatest things around where you live!!!

    that dinosaur cupcake is so creative! love it!

  7. Who needs a zoo? I'll just bring my kids your way to see animals!
    What a fun cupcake and Martha looks ready to go!
    Have a super week!!

  8. I wanna hug that pot bellied pig!!!

  9. Great week! Love all of your scenery pics! And that cupcake is so very cute and looks yummy!

  10. I love the pig picture!

    That dinosaur cupcake is very creative! I will have to remember that!

  11. Yep, that garage door's busted, all right! You must live in an apartment or something, Bug. I have a townhouse, and garage doors are the homeowner's responsibility. Aargh!

  12. Just thought I'd add that I've had to replace MINE twice! :(

  13. Okay, those cupcakes were just a little creepy! Bet the kids LOVED them. LOL
    Loving the country pictures...makes me a little homesick though. I keep telling myself I'm a city girl now but the truth is I'm really a country girl trying to live in the city.

  14. What a great week! Love the animal shots this week. ;)

  15. Man, lots of cool animal pics this week!
    Irises are my very favorite.
    Love "Bugs," too!!
    Ewwww...that garage door looks sad.
    I'm kinda grossed out by that twinkie-topped cupcake, though. Makes my teeth hurt just thinking about that much sugar!


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