Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Whinging

• I have pistachio debris under my desk at work. The cleaning people are gonna love me.

• Our internet mysteriously disappeared for about 36 hours last week. It just as mysteriously reappeared. And then yesterday disappeared again. Just another example of the capricious nature of the technological world. We have a technician coming to look at it this evening. I hope the tech is able to fix it because OH THE WITHDRAWAL!

• Dr. M has been ferociously attacking my computer with anti-thises & anti-thats. I have some sort of sickness on there & he is bound & determined to locate it & destroy it (yes, at this point he’s feeling just a wee bit violent about the whole thing).

• Our garage door is even more busted. This is just from it doing its job – going up, going down. Apparently that job was just too much for the poor thing & it rent itself like the veil of the temple. Well maybe not exactly like that. After never having a garage before we lived here I’m amazed at how inconvenienced I feel now that I can’t use it. Spoiled much? [Note: I just got a call from the property manager – they’re sending someone to measure the thing tomorrow!]

• The white lights on our “palm” tree have died. One strand died last week, then Sunday night we were sitting in the living room & noticed that the remaining lights were extra bright. They stayed that way before winking out forever. I guess it was their last hurrah. Sigh. Where are we gonna find Christmas lights in April to replace these?

But all is not lost – because I found one of these in our yard:

[Imagine a picture of a four leaf clover since my internet is dead to me]

I don’t necessarily think it will bring me luck, but it makes me smile and I think that smiling brings you luck. Also, when I’m searching for four leaf clovers my mind just kind of calms down & the little problems of my life get lost in the wonder of this small miracle from God.

[Imagine picture of four leaf clovers in a Bible. I used to collect them in my Bible – I have several dozen.]


  1. Mercury is retrograde and will remain so until mid-May. They say (and I agree) that this planetary phenom reeks havoc with electronics of all kinds, from garage doors to computers.

    It's a serious Mercury retrograde this time around!

    Duck and cover!! It'll all be over soon.

  2. Good list. Everything I put my hand to yesterday foiled me.

  3. It's a full moon right now. :-)

    Whatever did we do without the iternet. I actually stop breathing when my internet disappears.

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you soon...!

  4. My Bella also loves to search for four leaf two should seriously get together.

    And your cleaning crew will just be jealous of your pistacio debris.

  5. Dear The Bug,
    I know about the debris under the table, the garage door, the Internet withdrawals, and men on a mission.

    So it's a good thing about the clover!

    I hope you're rolling in clover soon!
    Ann T.

  6. i don't know why i love these lists but i do. part of the fun of blogging is reading about the minutia of our lives.

    i had to laugh when you said "OH THE WITHDRAWAL!" i would have horrible withdrawal if i lost the internet for 36 hours.

    i hope you get some more white lights. i like to think of white lights on your palm tree. makes me happy.

  7. My sister in law found a PATCH of 4 leaf clovers in her yard and sent one to my girls. I had to explain to them what it was. Horrible mother!

  8. Oh, it's all about barometric pressure changes, nothing you've done, trust me. :c) That's the thing about computerized everything. It's great until you don't have a working network.

  9. Technology is not to be trusted. It does not have our best interests at heart.

    It just leads us to the point of dependency and then abandons us.

    I feel your pain, Bug.

  10. I'd be lost without the internet too. I've never found a four leaf clover (but then I've never looked ).

  11. I do hope your internet and garage door start wroking soon.

    Fun garage story... when my daughter was 4 we were driving in by a house as a car was pulling into the garage. My daughter gasped, "Why are they driving their car into their house?"

    You know, its funny how quickly we adapt to new things and except them as "ours".


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