Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Own Brand of Random

I wanted to do the Wednesday Random Dozen, but I ran out of energy last night. So I'm just going to spout my own brand of crazy random.
  • My boss is back from vacation and I'm busy! I like it!
  • I've been listening to the audio book, The Year of Living Biblically, One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible, by A.J. Jacobs. I'm on disk 5 of 12. The author is an agnostic, secular Jewish man whose previous memoir was about his attempt to read the Encyclopedia Brittanica in one year. He is both earnest and hilarious as he attempts to wend his way through the morass that is Biblical law. He treats the religious people he meets with curiosity and respect - spending three hours with a Jehovah's Witness representative, visiting the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, and visiting an Amish Bed & Breakfast. Personally, I think that religious & non-religious people who like his brand of humor would enjoy this book a great deal. Although I still have 7 disks to go - maybe he'll lose me before the end. Thanks to my cousin KJ for getting me started (she called me while she was reading the chapter on stoning & was cracking up telling me I had to read this book).
  • I'm wearing my Toms shoes again today - it feels like I'm wearing slippers!
  • The weather has been really nice here this week - cool & sunny. I brought the camera to work with me. I plan to take pictures of flowers - and maybe some geese - during lunch today.
  • Dr. M is giving a lecture on Abraham Lincoln for the history club tonight. Which makes me think about Confederate History Month and this quote from The Daily Kos:  "Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour claims that there's no need, really, to mention slavery during 'Confederate History Month,' saying that 'It’s trying to make a big deal out of something that doesn’t matter for diddly.'" Really? And don't even get me started on why we need to celebrate confederate history. I might be from the south, but I always thought I was a Yankee.
  • I went by the local courthouse today to pick up the application and study guide to become a Notary Public. This is for my job. I will not be putting out a shingle & notarizing car titles. (Car titles scare me). I was amused that the study guide is called "A Manual for Notaries Public." They're just showing off that they know how to pluralize Notary Public.
  • There is a concrete pig at a house that I drive by on my way to work. The pig is always dressed seasonally appropriately. He's been Santa Claus, Cupid, a Leprechaun, and today he has an ice pack on his head & is holding a sign saying "Tax Time." I wanted to get a picture, but I would have to actually park in the driveway to do it. Yes, I am a coward. Sigh.
OK, that's enough randomness for today. I need to get back to work. Maybe I'll post some pictures tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just finish the other book I'm reading - a serial killer in New Orleans - yikes!


  1. The Year of Living Biblically sounds interesting. But I think he's going to get in trouble when it tells him to kill those who pick wheat on the Sabbath!

  2. You're right--they're showing off. And why is the title Notary Public instead of Public Notary?

  3. Nice post.

    1. Ha. I've been surprised at how much of a faith-killing experience reading (parts of) The Bible can be - especially the books of Moses. All of the burning, washing, sprinkling of blood takes my heart to bad places. Plus (and you just knew I would get to this) I am always reminded of my personal favorite, Leviticus chapter 18; better entitled: 101 men, women and animals we're not allowed to sleep with, come in to, or uncover the nakedness of. At any rate, it gives me more understanding of why early church leaders would want to prevent translation into the vernacular.

  4. I meant to put down a 2 and 3, but you're probably tired of hearing from me already...

  5. The heck with "where you're from," what does your gene pool have to say about whether you lean north or south? When folks here give me grief about being a Yankee I just tell them that my ancestors fought for the south (true). It shuts them up, and I don't even have to confess that I am Yankee through and through!

  6. I've read both of AJ Jocobs's books and found them both amusing, thought-provoking and entertaining by turns. Stay with him, it's worth it.

  7. Lovin your new blog look. Huh, my boss is GONE and I love it!

  8. You need to take a photo of the "tax time" pig to share with us :-)

    Sounds like an interesting book -- actually both of them sound good.

    I haven't read it yet but I downloaded a book about Lincoln by a contemporary of his, Henry Ketcham. It is free on amazon for the Kindle.

  9. I read that book too! That guy is funny.

    I don't like to brag, but I too am a Notary. I haven't notarized more than two things since I retired three years ago.

  10. OK - I stopped this morning on my way to work & took a picture of the pig! I'll post it when I get home tonight.

    And now I'm on disk 7 - my longer commute certainly has its advantages!

  11. I was thinking along the same lines as Ruth about The Year of Living Biblically, only about stoning those who rotate their crops or wear blended fabrics. An interesting project.

    Thanks for the link to TOMS. Am I the last to know? I'll be buying a pair of their shoes soon.

    I loved that pig story. Try to get a pic. What an idea.

  12. oh, i just read your comment about getting the pig pic. can't wait.

  13. I LOVED the Year of Living Biblically. I read it last fall and actually found myself laughing out loud at some of his descriptions. But I also really loved his genuine curiosity and willingness to learn.

  14. Dear The Bug,
    This is a very nice meme, I like your meme the best!

    As for those ticky tacky details of slavery, I too come from the south, and I think they should be mentioned.

    As for those ticky-tacky details of Leviticus, and Deuteronomy, oh, yikes. It's also not hard to imagine what the Israelites smelled like with all that blood, sheepwool, and contention in the desert. I am with Lee Ryan and think she should blast us with 2. and 3.

    Thanks for a great post! I look forward to the pig, at least I'm pretty sure I do.

    Ann T.

  15. I agree. TOMS shoes are as comfy as slippers. I love mine and the money I've spent enables others to wear TOMS too. TOMS is a 'win win'.

    That 'Tax Time' pig is funny. I can't wait to see the pic.

  16. that book sounds fascinating...i want to check that out.

    and Tom's shoes seem to be EVERYWHERE. that is a good thing, i keep hearing about them!


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