Saturday, April 3, 2010

Project 365 - Week Fourteen

Sunday, March 28th
Sunday was beautiful, but apparently what most caught my eye was the furniture on the curb. Hmmm. It wasn't even trash day!

Monday, March 29th
Dr. M is the star of the rest of the week (I think I took one other picture). He was out there looking for spring for me. And he succeeded! I love the mossy path through the flowers in the this picture.

And here are some lovely daffodils.

Tuesday, March 30th

On Tuesday Dr. M caught this bright flower.

Wednesday, March 31st

Here's one of the many campus squirrels – he's found some sort of treasure to nibble on.

And we grilled for the first time this season! Boy that chicken was good, and the onion in the foil was pretty tasty too.

Thursday, April 1st

On Thursday Dr. M discovered that they raise something other than sheep around here!

And the first dandelion showed up in our yard. I'm sorry – I don't see a weed - I can only smile when I see the sunny yellow.

Friday, April 2nd

When I got home I discovered that Dr. M had been busy. Here's a lovely snapdragon basket to replace our Christmas star.

Saturday, April 3rd
Here is Martha Goose, dressed for Easter. You can see the pansies Dr. M planted yesterday. He also planted some wildflower seeds – we'll see what comes up!

I hope everyone who celebrates it has a blessed Easter.

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  1. Those old chairs look like they have a tale to tell!

  2. So many good signs of spring! Love your snapdragons and pansies. :c)

  3. What a colorful week full of flowers!!
    I can't wait to get the grill out and make some grilled chicken... yummy!

    Happy Easter!

  4. I love all the flowers popping up everywhere, too!

  5. Your photos are spectacular especially because of how they are framed and presented. I need tutoring in that area.

  6. squirrel is not a good thing for me right now....we apparently had a squirrel die in the wall of our church near the nursery this week...ya, the smell was sooo bad we had to close all the doors today and move the nursery..ugh!!!

    great week...yea for spring!

  7. i am certainly feeling Spring in your post! not here yet. i am amazed at how you all have snow snow snow, and then bam! flowers!

    the photo of the trail in the flowers was especially nice!

  8. Dear The Bug,
    Those snapdragons and pansies were a good choice by Dr. M. And I am with you on the dandelions. Love them yellow, and I love them white. I had a picture of one, but I am looking for a patch!

    Thanks for getting out some good!
    Ann T.

  9. I love all of the flowers in so many of the pictures. Even that dandelion looks pretty!!
    I love that first meal of the season on the grill! It tastes so good...we did that here the other week too.
    Have a super week!

  10. I love the photo editing program you are using for these. The house in the first photo is really pretty. I love dandelions also. If I didn't live in a subdivision I would let them grow.

  11. You have to love a mossy path. Love all the spring in your pix! :)

  12. Love all the flowers! Spring is definitely in the air.

  13. Wow. Dr. M was busy what with all that photography AND gardening!! I love that you guys love the outdoors. You always have such cheerful pictures!

  14. Boy, the size of the cat that clawed the devil out of that chair must be amazing!


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