18 Days of Christmas - The Second Day

From now until Christmas day I am treating you to foisting upon you our collection of Christmas poems. If I made our cards that year I'll post a picture of that as well. If you missed yesterday's poem, click on the 18 Days of Christmas button in my sidebar. The way you can tell who wrote which poem is to note whose name is listed first at the end. I was feeling a little whimsical when I wrote the poem this particular year. I remember my feminist heart being sad that I had to say "Man and woman" in the third to last line, but a W would not have worked.

Make merry this glad season!
Even midst your life’s confusion
Reach out to one another.
Reach out to yourself—
You are your own merry-maker!

Call upon your joyous heart.
Hear its song—it yet exists!
Retreat no more into gloomy sadness
If only for this moment’s reading
See the beauty of creation
Take pride in your beauty too
Man and woman, God has made us
And God’s child was born, Amen!
So, make merry!

Dana & Mike Rhyne
Christmas 1993


  1. That was genuinely lovely, and touching, Dana. Thank you for sharing it.

    I'm just going to go ahead and admit that I looked forward to reading this today. That as I went about my morning, here in some truly bitter cold, it was a cheerful thought.

    "Oh, must check out the Christmas poem!"

    And I felt merry when I thought it. Thank you.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying them. I think some are better than others - as you might expect. I'm like you about most poetry - I don't want to have to think that hard! Of course, my OWN poetry is an exception LOL.

    I'm not very happy with this year's effort, but I have some time to fiddle with it. I have to finish the Christmas cards before I send it out.

  3. On the second day of Christmas cards my Bug's Life gave to me...an acrostic poem and a day closer to Christmas I see...

    I loved this one too...and forgive my feeble attempt at song. This is why you are a poet and I am a music teacher!!


  4. I usually feel slightly guilty receiving special cards, like handmade ones, because I don't do that. I love what you and Dr. M have done with writing your own poetry as a card. You are the first I have heard to do this. We sometimes get letters from old friends we don't see often.. if at all....one in particular that tells all the wonderful things about their life...it makes me wonder though. Hard to believe anyone's life can be that wonderful...ha.
    I love the ending on this one....so Make Merry. Made me chuckle!


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