Tuesday, December 8, 2009

18 Days of Christmas - The First Day

Dr. M and I were married December 15, 1990. That first Christmas our friends and family were lucky just to see our smiling faces - we were writing thank you cards, not Christmas cards. The next year, 1991, we wrote personal notes in the form of poems in select Christmas cards. Foolishly, we did not keep a copy of what we wrote. Who knows - it might have been pure genius! It could happen. 1992 began a tradition that we continue today - sending out a poem with our Christmas cards. Some years are harder than others. We alternate who is the primary author (I keep a score card - of course!). Some poems get heavily edited by the non-author and are true collaborations. Some go out just as they were written. And at this point in the game, all I really remember is who wrote the first version. The way you can tell who wrote which poem is to note whose name is listed first at the end.

From now until Christmas day I am treating you to foisting upon you our collection of Christmas poems. If I made our cards that year I'll post a picture of that as well. Here's the first one - inspired by a sermon I believe...

It is a season of pregnant hope--

Mary, great with child,
wonders what glory
could come from her shame.
It is a season of reluctant faith—
Joseph, bewildered,
accepts the unacceptable,
embraces Mary’s miracle as his own.
It is a season of difficult birth—
Jesus, born a fragile child,
shatters ancient silence,
Immanuel in swaddling.
It is a season of bated breath—
God, through unexpected doors,
comes to us, abundant grace:
Wait! Watch! Listen!
It is a season of merciful action—
Take this Christ-child
serendipity into the world.
It is a season of remembered love—
We remember you.

Dana & Mike Rhyne
Christmas 1992


  1. I am glad you are sharing these Dana. I enjoyed reading this one and look forward to all the other ones!

  2. What a fun way to count down until Christmas! I'll confess, I have an iffy relationship with poetry. I think I'm a little too blunt in my personality to truly enjoy much of it. I've never really enjoyed very flowery phrasing, and it is one of the pitfalls of poetry.

    Yes, there is a reason I'm saying that, I swear! To segue into this:

    One of the exceptions to that for me has always been Christmas, and the Holidays! It's the one time of year I like very traditional, and elaborate enhancements.

    So I think it's tons of fun to read your Christmas poems. It's a nice way to have a sort of Advent calendar :-)

  3. What a great way to count down the days. I love that poem. Thanks for doing this.


  4. The was a thoughtful poem. Really liked it.


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