Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Monday Thoughts

  • I’m back! We spent a week in NC mostly just eating as far as I can tell. Amy definitely kept me well fed. When I’m at their house I tend to eat leftovers for breakfast, just so I can eat more of her food. I can have breakfast foods any time, but spaghetti or turkey pot pie? Not so much.
  • We had a good visit with Dr. M’s mom. She knew who he was & practically levitated out of her wheelchair when she saw him. That was nice.
  • Both our trip down & our trip back were uneventful – we got to look at lots of snow without being inconvenienced by it. I avoided the infamous Mile Marker 59 Rest Area.
  • I’m glad I did the Christmas poem countdown – my family enjoyed it – but I’m ready to have a little variety on the blog now. I have to say that it was much more difficult to prepare those posts than I thought it would be. I hadn’t realized how many years we were working so hard to find the joy. And I didn’t even mention all of the problems with Dr. M’s family (health issues for parents and brother and sister-in-law). I guess we’re normal – almost everyone has drama in their lives – but I had created a nice little cocoon for myself so that I’m not bombarded on a daily basis (yes, I know that this is called “compartmentalization” or “denial” but it works for me LOL).
  • I am extra grateful for my job today. Sometimes I wish I had something a little more intellectually stimulating, but I realize how fortunate I am to have the job that I do. I will probably still complain when I get bored (my Myers Briggs score indicates that I’m a “present moment person” so I have a hard time remembering good intentions), but I will still be so very glad to have my job!
  • I have a very special post in mind for later this week. My dad made a “gourmet” dish for me while I was visiting and I just have to share it with you. Heh. I’ll bet you can’t wait.

Now I’m off to see what the rest of you have been up to!


  1. Welcome back. Holidays are nice but it's also nice when they are over.

  2. glad you're back!! i ate far too much this holiday season, as well -- who can say no to leftovers!!

  3. Just sent an e-mail but thought I'd also leave a comment here :-) THE PECANS ARRIVED!!! You have no idea how excited I was when my husband handed me the package from the post office. I was worse than any kid at Christmas, ripping open the package in like 3 seconds. hahahaha
    Pecan pie, here we come!

  4. Welcome back, Bug...! I'm glad you had a good time, and I'm glad Dr. M's mom was doing okay.

    I LOVE leftovers for breakfast. A girl after my own heart...! :-)


  5. Hello Bug, welcome back! I'm so glad you had a nice holiday, and like you, I like leftovers for breakfast.

    You know the thing that really stood out to me was that when you said you didn't realize how often you and Dr. M. were struggling to find the joy...isn't that the way of life? The very fact that you could be a little surprised by that evidence means that looking back, those calamities seem...less, you know? Maybe because we are looking back at them.

    But I think joy that is hard won may be worth more than effortless joy. To find reasons to be happy when things are going wrong, that's one of our greatest gifts. It's easy to be happy in the face of little adversity, it's not particularly tested.

    To be happy together when it isn't that easy is a true gift :-)

  6. Sounds like you had a great time. It is sometimes hard to keep up the journaling during the holidays, but I enjoyed the effort you put into showing us the poems and cards.
    I am a "in the moment" kind of person also. The only drawback to it is that I don't feel I get as much accomplished as I would like.

  7. You know what one of my favourite breakfast dishes is? Go on, have a guess. I betcha you can't guess it, can you? No, I knew you'd not get it.

    Shall I tell you? Or do you want some more time to guess? No? Oh well, if you're sure, I'll tell you.

    It's Bubble and Squeak. Yes, I thought that would surprise you Bug. Bubble and Squeak. I assume you know what it is, but in case you do not I'll explain:

    It's leftover potato with leftover Brussells sprouts! Yes, the much maligned sprouts. Those knobbly little green things lampooned in so many quarters, especially by children. Botty Burp production too, so you get more than you bargained for with sprouts!

    But in Bubble and Squeak - with a modicum of chopped onion mixed in - you get a great brekky dish.

    A wartime favourite! Waste not want not.

    And I must stress that TRUE Bubble and Squeak has to have sprouts, but many will simply use left-over cabbage or greens.

    Anyway Bug, if you ask me nicely I can send you a food parcel ...

    Regards, Phil

  8. Glad you're home safely and Dr. M's mom was relating to him. I was at the Dr. yesterday and she actually CONGRATULATED me on gaining 4 lbs. over the holidays. Geez.

  9. Eww Philip! I am NOT a brussels sprout lover. Blech. Little cabbages. I had heard of Bubble & Squeak but didn't know what was in it. Glad you informed me before I decided to try it sometime! My old boss (daughter of two Brits) loves brussels sprouts - and marmite too, but don't get me started on that disgusting stuff LOL.

  10. Hi, Dana. Yum, leftovers for breakfast. I am so with you.

    I agree about gratitude for a job. I am dreading a busy January and trying to relax and let it be, and just be grateful. So hard sometimes though!

    Happy New Year!

  11. I had to laugh at your #3. A few years ago, the kids were so bummed about taking the tree down, we left it up until Valentine's Day and decorated it with hearts and candy.


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