Tuesday, December 22, 2009

18 Days of Christmas - The Fifteenth Day

From now until Christmas day I am treating you to foisting upon you our collection of Christmas poems. If I made our cards that year I'll post a picture of that as well. If you missed yesterday's poem, click on the 18 Days of Christmas button in my sidebar. The way you can tell who wrote which poem is to note whose name is listed first at the end.

I think this poem speaks for itself - I was in a mood!

I’m cancelling Christmas
I’m just not in the mood
I’m going to mope for a month
And harrumph and brood

I won’t look at the lights
I won’t eat pecan pie
I won’t watch the Grinch
I won’t watch Burl Ives

The tree will stay boxed
The baubles stay packed
No Santas or reindeer
No toy train tracks

I won’t sing a carol
I won’t even hum
I’m not making a card
And not writing this poem!

Inexorably the words appear on paper…
Christmas comes –
I am a small voice swept along…
Christmas comes –

Christmas comes –
The babe comes –
whether I’m in the mood – or not!

Dana & Mike Rhyne
Christmas 2006


  1. Haha...I can so relate to this one! Love your illustration also.

  2. Hehehe, every person I have ever known can relate to that mood, Dana :-)

  3. So you felt like boycotting Christmas. Well, it happened to me too ,with our jewish holidays. But when It comes, whether we want or not, we welcome It.

  4. Yay! (Can one cheer for a grumpy poem?) *shrug* Yay Anyway!

  5. Grumpy can be SOOO funny!!

    Love this poem...bah hum bug.


  6. I loved this one! Vivian always asks me if I'm being grumpy, "Mom, are you just not in the mood?"


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