Monday, December 21, 2009

18 Days of Christmas - The Fourteenth Day

From now until Christmas day I am treating you to foisting upon you our collection of Christmas poems. If I made our cards that year I'll post a picture of that as well. If you missed yesterday's poem, click on the 18 Days of Christmas button in my sidebar. The way you can tell who wrote which poem is to note whose name is listed first at the end.

This was our first Christmas without my Mom. We lost her in March. Then in May a friend was killed in a car accident. It was a tough year. Another friend had a premature baby in October. Ellie fought so hard for life - we were all in awe of that drive. She wasn't with us long - almost nine months, but for that short time she was our hero.

Striving to drive the blues away,
I play my dulcimer until, numb,
My hands can strum no more.

A simple gift, this music I make,
But I take nothing for granted
These days, believe you me.

We will sing our songs of Christmas
From an unfamiliar place this year.
Our worst fear came to pass last spring.

Then, with a sudden crash,
Another dear one departed.
Brokenhearted, we cry “Why, Oh Lord?”

Fleeting life, babe-in-a-manger fragile,
Certain death, awaiting even Mary’s child,
What hope have we against this foe?

Through a tiny infant’s birth
We are shown a path, and so press on,
Like little Ellie, to live, to become.

God’s children, we all already are,
Near and far, let our voices ring as one!
We sing our song of hope in loving memory.

Mike and Dana Rhyne
Christmas 2005


  1. This one has me wondering Dana. It is sad but has a great deal of compassion.

  2. I just read the part where you explained that year. Wow...that was a hard year.

  3. Considering the year we've both had, Bug, I think we both needed the deep compassion this poem presents.

    I have hope for 2010. For both of us.


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