Monday, December 7, 2009


Psst - I just noticed (well, I noticed yesterday but apparently it did not amaze me at that time) that yesterday's Zambia post was my 100th! Who knew I had that much to say? Family members will quitely refrain from commenting. Thank you.

I wish I had a giveaway or something to celebrate, but alas I am unprepared for the moment. Wait - I'll treat subject everyone to our Christmas poems for the last 17 years! Actually, I was going to do that anyway.

Starting tomorrow I'll post a poem a day until Christmas. This means that I won't be doing my usual Wednesday meme or Sunday in Zambia. I will sneak in an extra post on Friday to let you know how my "better health" objectives are working out.

Hope you enjoy the poems!


  1. Who knew indeed! I'm approaching mine. I'm aware of it today but three posts from now I will probably not notice.

  2. Yay! I look forward to your poetry! (you know I'm a big fan)

  3. 17 days until Christmas OH NO!!! I like the better health objectives, much better word than DIET.

    Can't wait for the poems.


  4. Better Health that! I have finally come to realize how painful my 70 extra pounds are feeling. It is time for them to leave, so that I can feel better. Looking forward to your poems.

  5. 100 posts and counting, The Bug! We all of us have thoughts to share, and I've really enjoyed yours, and look forward to more :-)


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