I need a governor. You know, the thing they put on school buses to keep them from going over 35 MPH. Which made it particularly terrifying when the high school girl driving the bus thought it would be fun to try to pass a car on a country road. All the kids were yelling, “Go! Go! Go!” I was covering my eyes. I didn’t turn into an adrenaline junkie until later in life.

But I digress.

I gained FOUR pounds in the last two weeks. If you do the math that means I am now one pound heavier than when I started this little jaunt. Sigh.

I could say, well there was all that pie! And corn pudding! But that doesn’t explain my behavior this past week. I’m not going to list my transgressions, but it wasn’t pretty.

I could say, well you know we thought that my mother in law was on the verge of death & then we found out that those predictions were premature (For those who missed my note in my last post, Dr. M’s aunts went to visit his mother on Tuesday and found her sitting in her chair drinking coffee. What? We’ll have to wait until we get down there to see what was really up.).

And I am an emotional eater – and lord knows there were a lot of emotions this week.

But, you know, I just wanted junk so I ate junk. With forethought. And not only that I didn’t move my body very much. My Gazelle is forlorn.

I’m forlorn.

But, I promised I wouldn’t lie. And now I promise I won’t quit. Next week’s report should be a little more cheerful.

I promise.


  1. Everybody slips up. No worries. You are wise not to beat yourself up. You'll get back on track.

  2. It's the giving up that causes all the problems...I am amazed you stepped on that scale. After Thanksgiving I'd have buried it in the back yard.

    Hang in there


  3. When my father had his first stroke, the doctor told us it was massive, he would never go home again, and to start looking at long term care facilities. The next morning he was sitting up shaving. They just don't know everything.

  4. Hi..! I am just catching up on some of my blog visits, and I read your last few posts. Gosh! Don't worry about those four pounds. They will disappear quickly. Take care of yourself.


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  6. I hate stupid typos. I wish we could just edit our comments instead of having to delete our stupidity. And why does it say the comment was deleted instead of just disappearing? And now I've forgotten what my silly comment was.

  7. Doctors are not God, and your MIL will hopefully get well. As for the additional four pounds
    - "Don't worry Be happy"!

  8. I hear you forlorn and raise you a "why the...?" I stepped on the scale (first mistake!) and was NONE too happy. But we can do this. Yes we can. (Trying on the positive attitude thing on for size *g*)

  9. I'm glad to hear your mother-in-law is better.

    Good you're being honest about the pounds. That says you mean business, otherwise you'd be in denial.

  10. you know, sometimes when you want to eat the junk, you just have to eat the junk. i don't think there is anything wrong with that.

    and again, so sorry about your mother-in-law.

  11. Don't give up! It happens! I need a governor too!

  12. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, and sometimes we just need to hear that everything is going to be okay..

    Everything is going to be okay, you will bounce back from this blip, you are on the road of healthy choices for yourself..that says a great deal.

    I am rooting for you!


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