Project 365 – Week Thirty-Four

Sunday, August 15th
Dr. M spent some time stalking another hummingbird today. I think it's so interesting to see their bodies so still while their wings are just going to town.

Monday, August 16th
We finally gave in and replaced our Vonage phone service with Time Warner Cable. It's going to save us about $30 per month, and I can already tell that the quality is much better. However, we've already received way more sales calls than we ever did with Vonage. The very day we made the switch AT&T called to see if we wanted their phone service. Apparently TWC is very generous with distributing its new numbers!

Tuesday, August 17th
Today is all about the finches. And I couldn't just pick one picture. They're so pretty & goofy – a very photogenic combination!

I took a picture of the Tax Time Pig (you thought I'd forgotten her, didn't you?) – she's a smiley face this week.

Wednesday, August 18th
On Wednesday I took this picture of the tomatoes Dr. M picked this day. He gave all of these away to people at school.

Here is a fat boy still on the vine.

Thursday, August 19th
On Thursday Dr. M captured this pretty lady on one of our wildflowers.

And I took a picture of the Watering Man in action.

Friday, August 20th
On Friday Dr. M took another picture in our frog series. Poor guy, just waited so patiently for all the drama to go away.

Saturday, August 21st
Today is finch & hummingbird, the sequel. That hummingbird is looking EXTRA fat – getting ready for its journey south I guess.

The finch is clinging to one of the daisy stems – I hadn't seen them in our wildflower bed like that before!

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  1. A very photographic week! Love seeing all your birdies. :c)

  2. the finches look like they are practicing for a circus act, all upside down.

  3. I can't pick a favorite this week. I have to say though... I do hope the pig isn't sufficating.

  4. We used to get hummingbirds stuck in our garage every summer when we lived in SC. So neat to hold them (after they tired out), feed them, and let them go.
    Love the finches. I have a picture with 4 of them on yellow flowers...really cool!

  5. seriously- what kind of camera do you have? These shots are awesome!

    I have a pair of finches that visit the tree in my front yard. I so want to put out a feeder or birdhouse, but the tree overhangs the sidewalk and kids pull on the branches all the time. Sometimes, if I'm on the porch and see them, I yell at them. Just a little.

  6. Bekah - we have a Nikon D-5000. Got it for my birthday this year - and we LOVE it! Although Mike is already talking about wanting an even bigger lens. Tim the Toolman syndrome LOL.

  7. Always love the wildlife pictures!
    The finches are so funny aren't they?!
    And sometimes you do just need a smile!

  8. I love the picture with the 2 finches upside down and the 3rd perched the "right" way. For some reason it looks like choreography. Creation is amazing!!
    Of tax pig, so good to see her. I think a smile is the last thing people associate with taxes! :)
    Have a super week!!

  9. I have no idea why your pix make me smile so much. The upside down finches are a hoot and I love the finch on the daisy. Beautiful, but that wacky pig cracks me up. He's so much fun and I just love that someone spends time thinking up his costumes. There are worse ways to diddle away your time.

  10. I love hummingbirds, they really are amazing to watch.

    The finches made me laugh. I love how they hang upside down.

  11. such GREAT birdy pics...all are so nice

  12. Lovely! All of them! Not sure I could be patient enough to sit still and take the photos of the birds. The vine ripening tomato -- COVET! lol

  13. Funny finches,
    Happy hummingbirds,
    Tempting tomatoes,
    Freaky froggy,
    Perky pig.

  14. A...MAZE...ING pictures of your sweet finches! of all the birds!

    I just love watching the birds.

    My garden is all played out. I am going to be getting it ready for fall very soon and pulling all the spent plant out and getting the dirt ready for it to winter over very soon!

    Wish I still had some tomatoes, mine did not do very well this year!


  15. Dear The Bug,
    I've never seen a goldfinch in my life! So gorgeous! But my favorite picture is the two upside-down. I feel like that sometimes!! LOL!!

    I particularly love those and the tomatoes, my envy knows no bounds!

    Ann T.

  16. I just love the second picture of the finches. Looks like they were posing for the photo.


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