Project 365 – Week Thirty-Two

First an announcement:  Stay tuned for exciting developments in the Bug household. Dr. M has started a blog! I'll do a formal housewarming for him on Monday.

Now, onto our pictures for the week.

Sunday, August 1st
Still in NC, on Sunday I went with Daddy & Amy to her son R's birthday party. We had a nice time. Here are a few pics – the first one is of Kramer – isn't he the cutest thing?

Daddy & Amy goofing off & then giving me a real pose.

Butterfly in the back yard – what is it Ellen?

Monday, August 2nd
On Monday I took a picture of Daddy & Amy's row of tomatoes.

Tuesday, August 3rd
We headed home on Tuesday. Here is the last of the three toll booths we go through on I-77.

Dr. M paying the toll.

A picture of the sun through the Bugly's sun roof.

Wednesday, August 4th
On Wednesday Dr. M took a picture of our first big tomatoes!

And then I took a picture of the electric piano we brought back with us. It belonged to Dr. M's mother. She had been trying to give it to me for years but we never had a place to put it. This little room still needs a lot of work, but the piano fits - & the best part is that I can plug headphones in so Dr. M doesn't have to hear me practicing!

Thursday, August 5th
This picture is for Amy – she knows why. See – we can be a little redneck on trash day up here. I'm not planning on planting any flowers in it though. I'm so glad I took it Thursday morning! I forgot that I had taken it & told Dr. M that I had missed my first day of taking a picture. Whew!

Friday, August 6th
I took this picture as I left work on Friday. You can't read the sign, but it says, "Space Reserved for Hybrid Vehicles." Hmm – I'm pretty sure a Hummer isn't a hybrid.

Dr. M took this picture of one of our ripening tomatoes.

And here is another butterfly for Ellen to identify.

Saturday, August 7th

We had grand plans for today (or maybe I should say I had grand plans). I was going to do some decluttering, get groceries, and maybe go for a drive. But then I took a two hour nap during the Reds game. I guess there's still time to do some of the things if I can get awake enough LOL. While I was asleep, Dr. M took picture of another butterfly. We have a hard time because they will NOT stay still (flutterby is right!), but I think this is a nice shot.

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  1. oops! that's what I get for being a know-it-all.

    The first one is a tiger swallowtail and the second is a southern dogface (a sulfur). Can't see enough of #3 to identify it. hee hee.

    (great looking tomatoes though)

  2. Your toms do look nice and delicious. They eat them wih sugar in China as a dessert and it's suprisingly yummy. The sky shot through bugly's rrof is excellent - as are all the flutterbies.

  3. It looks like you had a fun week. I can't decided which picture is funnier... Kramer or that Hummer.. .

  4. ok, I liked the pics, but I wanted to let you know I stopped by Dr. M's and welcomed him. I keep trying to get J. to start a blog- he loves getting on his soapbox about political stuff, and after 14 years together I need someone to share the burden! :)

  5. It's been so hot here, all our tomato plants are burned up an done. so strange that yours are just starting to ripen!!

    is that a drop leaf table that your dads tomatoes are on? looks like one I have!!!

  6. All those tomatoes are making me drool! Ivan found some cilantro at a little vegetable store the other day (the only place that ever carries it and it's like maybe every two months) so I had him get me tomatoes to make a fresh salsa. The tomatoes were virtually tasteless so basically it was a vehicle for the cilantro and garlic. LOL Still, better than store bought.

    That next-to-last butterfly looks like it's transparent green? Lovely! According to Ellen it has a terrible name though! Southern dogface?! hahaha Sounds like something a second grader would name it.

    Our next-door neighbors moved last week and we think it's because of the redneck way they took care of the property. Our theory is that the neighbors complained to the municipalidad who hassled the owner (for entirely different things) who finally asked the renters to move.

  7. Kramer is adorable!

    The piano looks similar to one we gave our daughter for her birthday a few years ago. She took it to college with her and she too has earphones, which in an apartment building is probably a very good thing.

    I think you're right....Hummers are not hybrids. lol

  8. Sara - that's actually the window sill behind their kitchen sink. They had a bay window put in there.

  9. Dear Ellen: Please don't stop being a know-it-all! I saw an eastern black swallowtail today but couldn't get a pic, and we see eastern tiger swallowtails in our yard, too. I'll try to get more pics to test your knowledge ;-)

    KimQuiltz: As a nurse once noted, much to the family's amusement, "that man is *fine*!"

    Sara: The Bug's father *has* a drop-leaf table, but it's not pictured. The two-tomato pic is our humble, leafless table.

  10. Follow-up: I see what you mean, Sara. That does look like it could be a drop-leaf table in the one pic.

  11. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Look at that puppy!!!! That looks like a bundle of love right there!

  12. Wow! You got a lot of nice butterfly pics.

    Don't you just love tool booths? (I'm sure you caught my sarcasm there)

  13. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, I am crazy especially for the tomato pictures. They do the job for me!

    But I must say, Dad and Amy look very very good.

    Thanks for the share!
    Ann T.

  14. On the go again! :) Love the sky out of the car. How long have you played piano? I'm sure you'll enjoy having one in your house!!
    Lots of butterflies this pretty!
    I think Kramer and Reese should play together!
    Have a super week!!!

  15. I'm loving all the butterfly pics!!!

    That's hilarious about the Hummer.


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