Project 365 – Week Forty-Seven

It's the week before Thanksgiving! Good heavens where has this year gone?

Sunday, November 14th
Dr. M had an event on campus on Sunday, so of course there were deer. This was my favorite picture.

Monday, November 15th
Dr. M took these great fog photos on his way to school on Monday.

The Tax Time Pig is a turkey. Really – you can tell better from another angle (which you can't see because I'm a coward & won't turn around & take a picture from that side). And this week he has company!

Tuesday, November 16th
I got some very welcome news in this building on Tuesday.

And we got some much needed rain!

Wednesday, November 17th
Most of our newspaper ripened tomatoes have been small. But look at this whopper!

Thursday, November 18thThis is a bench outside the Yellow Springs Public Library. I love it!

We definitely still have a lot of nice fall foliage here.

This is my attempt at taking a picture of a sheep on a hay roll (as mentioned here). It was too dark & this is a gazillion times lightened picture so the quality is pretty bad. But I think you can sort of tell. Can you tell that's a white donkey in front of the hay?

Click on the picture to make it larger

Friday, November 19th
I went to an after work gathering of some friends who used to work with me. Here are three of them – the redhead in the middle used to be my boss (I worked for her for 11 years). The last time you saw T (on the right) she was extremely ready to give birth.

There is an inside joke to these boots, but I'm too nice to spell it out – sorry T!

The moon looked really cool last night with a bit of a haze. This is what it looked like when Dr. M took its picture.

Saturday, November 20thMy friends and family will be astounded to hear that I got up at 6:00 this morning. That's a.m. I'm getting old, aren't I? Don't older people get up early for no reason? Except I don't think Daddy & Amy get up all that early… Not saying they're old. I think I'll stop now. Anyway despite the fact that I was up, Dr. M took these pictures of the early morning frost & fog.

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  1. Lots of rain and fog here this past week too. LOVE that rockin' bench!!!

  2. great pictures this week. I haven't had home grown tomatoes since early July. why do they call it tax time pig when it is there year round and dresses up for every occasion?

    And I want that bench. Think they'd notice if it went missing one night?

  3. I love all the photos. Was that one of your home grown tomatoes? And I wondered the same thing Ellen said about the tax time pig. Looks like you and Dr. M have a beautiful drive to work.

  4. I call it the Tax Time Pig because that’s the outfit it was wearing the first time I took a picture. I don’t even know the people who own it (which is why I’m so chicken about taking pictures – what if they CATCH me LOL).

  5. Looks like you've been having similar weather to us of late. We've been having fogs and frosts but our place isn't nearly as pretty to look at as your is. Great pics, really brought a brrrrr with them.

  6. loving the inflatable characters, the moon and the leaves

  7. Wow Bug! And I'm loving that bench.

  8. We nearly hit a dear here this week. Scared me to death!!!

    I really want to see the other angle of the pig!!! I think you need to go back!! :)

    love that bench!

  9. Love the fog photos- and J looks great! Your pics remind me of my grandpa, who used to tell me when I was in college and driving back and forth to school, "Watch the deer. Watch the fog".

  10. I prefer the pig to the turkey ;)
    The deer, beautiful. (I wonder how many are offended by my post?)
    Loved the leaves and the foggy photos. Great how the eyes pop out on the sheep pic.
    Thanks for your comment!

  11. How fun to get together with your girlfriends! I had a great time Saturday dress shopping with my sister-in-law -- talk about "inside" jokes, we now cannot say "brown dress" without laughing hysterically, so I can imagine there's quite the story behind the boots :)

    Love the foggy morning photos. That's something I miss; we don't get too many foggy days where we live now.

  12. Tax pig looks like his turkey feathers are made of tinsel. I think before the end of the year you should stop and have your picture taken with Tax pig!
    That bench is really cool.
    Hooray for good news!!!
    Have a super week!

  13. Love those first two fog pictures and that bench is pretty cool. I've had pictures I've tried to edit to no avail myself, but I can see the sheep and the donkey.

  14. Great week! Loving those red leaves and of course Tax Time Pig is a turkey...too funny. Always a good time with good friends...I need one of those nights out! We got some much needed rain here this past weekend...which turned out weather the 60s! bbbrrr!! lol
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  15. I know I've said it before, but I love that swine. I can't get enough of him. I love that you take the pix surreptitiously. I imagine you in a cloak and you camera is your dagger. This is how I spend my time.


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