Project 365 – Week Forty-Six

Once again I have not done a good job of narrowing down the pictures I chose. And, really, on a couple of days I left out several pictures that I really wanted to use. Perhaps I should just do a blog post about those particular days.

Sunday, November 7th
Frozen bird bath! Dr. M poured hot water on it because when he looked out he saw some very confused looking birds trying to peck at the ice. They were most appreciative of his efforts.

I don't know if it was the bird bath or my low level scary news, but Dr. M up and decided to put up our Christmas tree on Sunday! We haven't put it up in several years because we didn't really have space. But this year he just made space. After thanksgiving I will probably get our other ornaments out to add to the tree.

Monday, November 8th
The Tax Time Pig was appropriately dressed for Veterans Day this week.

Dr. M was at school late on Monday because he was hosting a presentation by a Lewis and Clark re-enactor. This gentleman had walked most of the Lewis and Clark trail from the Ohio River to Oregon.

Tuesday, November 9th
Dr. M caught a dog fight in action!

Wednesday, November 10th
One of the many fields Dr. M passes on his way to and from school.

Thursday, November 11th
For some reason it amuses me no end that there are still dandelions in November. They're probably always there & I just never notice them.

Friday, November 12th
What! It's a picture of a deer herd! This one appears to be giving Dr. M the eye.

And, ho! Pictures of sheep! This was one of the days where I struggled – Dr. M got a lot of great pictures of sheep on this day.

Saturday, November 13th
Dr. M's birthday! He gave a (very well received) lecture at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati in the early afternoon, so we decided to celebrate by eating at the Hofbrauhaus by the river in Newport, KY. We were able to eat outside, which I thought was pretty amazing on November 13. Here he is with his one beer of the evening (I think one was enough, don't you?).

I decided to post pictures of what we ate. I did not eat all of that wiener schnitzel! I did try to eat all of my broccoli to balance it out. Heh. The apple strudel was absolutely fabulous.

Sunset in Newport. We had a great time – I was so glad that Dr. M enjoyed his day.

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  1. Your dinner looks fabulous! Glad he had a good day. And you too!

  2. okay....Now I am starving. That food looks wonderful! It has been a long time since I had sauerkraut and German food. If I loved beer...I would love the one that Dr. M has.

  3. I love how you always show off how the pig is dressed, it cracks me up! I liked the plane picture too. Looks like you guys thoroughly enjoyed his birthday.

  4. Everywhere I turn, someone is talking about Lewis and Clark. I wonder what the deal is?

    Still have my fingers crossed for negative results for the low level scary news.

  5. Look at all those deer in one place!!!

    AHHH - I LOVE sheep!!! I just like to feel how "fluffy" they are!

    Look at all that yummy food!!!!! WOW!

  6. I love catching up with your week. The food does look fab! Is that Lewis/Clark guy wearing an earring?

  7. It looks like you had a fun week. Those poor birds, I can imagine their confustion!

    It just got cold here this weekend and my mom and I put up a "fall" tree... I'll have to post a picture of it.

  8. Happy Birthday to your man!!!

    we have not had any frost yet down here!

    How did you leave any of that wonderful looking food?!!

  9. I loved seeing you and your expression. Great foto and food!
    Glad to hear the scare is over!
    Love the sheep photo and the deer herd! Wish my guys in the woods right now would see a whole herd!
    I ALWAYS enjoy your visits to my blog. Thanks!
    Happy belateed to Dr. M.!

  10. all these pix make me wanna be there.


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