Any Saturday in October

Jessica Maybury has charged the jammers with writing a love poem. Go here to read other responses to the prompt. Here's my effort!

Any Saturday in October

You call my name.
Indulgent, I turn my head
and gaze at my

I watch the flowers rushing by
outside the window,
stealing glances at your
beloved profile.

The night air is cool.
But your arm is warm
around my shoulders.
We watch the growing moon,
marveling at planets
and our own contentment.
Would you trade this moment
for any other?


  1. not at all...a night in the arms of my love is the best way to spend one...smiles.

  2. The night my football team beat Hadjuk Split, possibly?

  3. A very warm and tender piece - without being overly sentimental. I likeee!

  4. A soft contentment in my throat for this one. It is lovely.

  5. Hi Dana, I'm back in the blogosphere. Hope all well with you, a lovely poem, I linked mine to Poetry Jam too, thanks for that.


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