Far used to be
my elderly self -
tiny on the
horizon at
world’s end.

That aged lady
is not so small
anymore as she
waves her hand
at me in greeting.

I amble, in no hurry
to take that hand
in my own hand -
glad of the walk
and the persistent
passage of time.


  1. Mmm... I love your approach to aging in this piece. I can definitely relate! Can we turn around and run the other way?

  2. I like this. Just so you know, I've been reading, in fact fell asleep over E last night getting caught up.

  3. What an original image - really like it!

  4. Thanks! I've been mostly surprised at what is coming up in these prompts. For example, way back in September when I made the list I thought I'd be writing about Zambia for "Far."

  5. Just think how knowledgeable she'll be when you finally catch up with her. :)

  6. I love this one. And it is so timely. Just this morning I looked into the mirror and saw a glimpse of my own aged lady. Thank goodness I quickly moved before she could grab my hand.

  7. Loved this and knowing that she's getting closer makes us want to live each day well...

    but... but...but... that old lady is getting a little too close for comfort lately. :)

  8. The far off woman, what a beautiful image.

    It reminds me of how I used to think about my daughter's teenage years. I remember when she was a baby, and I was a teenager and I thought... one day this infant will be 16. Now that she's almost 13, that one day doesn't seem like such a leap any more.


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