Ghost Jam

Chris from Enchanted Oak has stirred the pot and these words surfaced: laugh laundry ghost edges beer. She told us to write a poem using those five words. It brought to mind an incident from my college days. Go here to see how other folks respond to the prompt.


I remember that night
On the edges of my memory
Laundry would have been safer
But since when does nineteen
Do the safe thing?
I can still hear your laugh
Cynical and you warned
Me that you were a little bit drunk
You kissed me in the back seat
With an apology, but I said I didn’t mind.
It was the first time that I tasted beer.


  1. so true...I probably could say the same that innocent leaving Belfast for ever! Great.

  2. there a certain depth to this...

    laundry would have been safer is funny. how sudsy would it have to get NOT to be safe anymore?

  3. I have been struggling with the prompt ... you didn't ~~ the result is stellar!

  4. Who would want to do safe laundry when back seats and kisses are calling?!! What kind of poem would that have made?

  5. That is SO good, Dana! Congratz!

  6. Very thought provoking. I can remember the day, but your poem brought home just how old I am and how far I've traveled since the innocence of nineteen.

  7. How wonderful what memory can do, filed away and sleeping until a few words boot it up and call it into action. You took it and crafted it well.

  8. Love it, Dana. A little peek into the past.

  9. This poem conjures memories for me! That first taste of beer, from another's lips.

    When are you going to tell me about the dream?


  10. Very nice way of reminiscing. Lovely poem. I am visiting from the Goddess.

  11. Very clever use of the words and a fun story as well! Visiting from BPOW.

  12. I gave you one of my Goddess Awards for your sidebar if you like!

    In joy,

  13. Dear The Bug: Loves how you incorporate memory as a "line" along with the laundry. Very nostalgic feel here! Lovely!

  14. Must have been a fun and crazy night... enjoyed this ~

  15. This is a lovely memory. I would have done the same. Great write.


  16. Trying to work out if its the man or the alcohol!!
    Laundry is great but...

  17. I would probably have not minded either.

  18. Very nicely drawn sketch, bug!


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