Green is the color of this blog or recycling or being new or envious or the color of spring. And it’s the color of a Christmas tree. (Usually) 

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As we move through autumn and head toward those long cold dark nights I am thankful that I can anticipate Advent and the light that illuminates the dark cold long nights. And even as Advent moves through Christmas to Epiphany I jealously hoard the light and that green and gaudy tree. Last year’s tree stayed up (in an out-of-the-way corner) until March 18th. I wanted to keep it up until the time changed, to hang onto that light for just a while longer.

I know I should be posting Halloween stuff today, but instead, here is a fragment 1996's Christmas poem. Go here to read the whole thing. 

This green ritual!
This fragrant season!
I close my eyes.
Surrounded by a forest,

Now that's green to me!


  1. How nice to be reminded about the coming season! You went straight to the heart of the matter with your equation of green and the light.

    We continue to live where we do because we're surrounded by green. I can't imagine living where I didn't soak my senses in it every day.

  2. My Mom made a green quilt for our daughter one year and told her that God must have really loved the color green because he put it in so much of his work.

  3. My wife and I once decided to check out Arizona as a possible place to retire. We thought it might be fun to exchange Oregon rain for desert. Within five minutes of leaving the Phoenix airport I knew I couldn't live without my beautiful green trees.

  4. Karen - that's something I LOVED about living in the mountains - even more than the fabulous color in the fall.

    Stephen - I'm pretty sure the desert would feel like a foreign land to me.

  5. And you didn't - not once! - talk about greenbacks, money! Bless you for that (even though I had to bring it up).

    It made me feel wonderful to see you writing about Advent. It's a wonderful season, and your mention is a reminder that if I'm to be prepared, I need to start now. It's going to be tough to get through Thanksgiving without Mom - an Advent focus will help enormously!

  6. You kept your tree up until March?! That's pretty impressive. I usually can't stand to have it up one day past New Year's. We didn't even get a tree last year -- even though I love green, I don't love making all that effort.

  7. I have been focused on Christmas too! (I think it's because of the grandbaby coming.)

    I can understand leaving the tree up that long. It is so happy-making . . . the lights, the green, the memories in the ornaments.


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