If You Tarry...

I really really need to get some new clothes for fall. My sweaters are pilled and everything looks like it’s been washed a thousand times. There are two reasons I haven’t wanted to mess with it. The first reason is that I hate loathe despise dislike shopping. But the second reason might be even more of a factor. I don’t want to buy new things until my body is in better shape. Why waste money on clothes that I might only wear for a little while?

There are a couple of problems with that logic. First of all, on my body it takes about 20 pounds before I go down a size. Do we realistically think I’ll lose 20 pounds this fall? My magic eightball says: Very Doubtful.

The second problem is illustrated in this way. Last night I got up to go to the bathroom as per usual. When I came back to bed I realized that I had a hymn playing in my head. My favorite verse of that hymn is:

Come ye weary, heavy laden, lost and ruined by the fall – if you tarry till you’re better, you will never come at all.

It’s talking about not waiting to come to Jesus until you’re perfect & have fixed all your problems. But I think it applies to other things as well. Don’t wait to live your life until you’ve lost the weight/got the job/read the manual/washed the car. Go ahead & live it now.

And maybe while you’re at it buy a new blouse for heaven’s sake.

Or not, because that first reason for not buying new clothes (I hate loathe despise dislike shopping) still applies.


  1. Sounds like you need one of those sweater shavers that takes all the little pills off. They also make a small sweater stone that does much the same thing. Beats having to buy all new sweaters.

  2. Oh, how I understand you! My husband even more. I once had to bury an old jacket of his which he wouldn`t let go of. Added loads of horse manure on top, or he would have undug it.
    But me, too, if i don`t get things as presents, I keep mending the old ones. I still have jackets from the eighties, with shoulder stuffings. Still look nice, sort of.

  3. I would gladly go shopping for you. My favorite thing to do :)

  4. I don't like to shop either but I totally agree with not waiting. Stop waiting for whatever perfect conditions you think you need before you do stuff. Just go so the stuff.

  5. Hmmm. Invest in a good sweater shaver. Look on a yarn store site. Perhaps knitpicks.com sells them. This will shave the pills right off your sweaters.

    As for the rest, well, I hear you. I just added quite a few things to my closet and I don't like that much, either. Now I can shop for yarn all day long, but not clothes.

    Look! I went shopping for you, and found a lint shaver for $4.00:


  6. LOL Rudee - you know I think I used to have a lint shaver somewhere. I should go look for that thing.

  7. i should have gone to T.K. Maxx today...but I procrastinated and ....no new clothes.
    I hate shopping! Great hymn by the way!

  8. Ooh, jumpers are one of my favourite things to buy! They're so woolly! They always fit! I always buy them 2 sizes too big in case the inevitable husband-meets-washing machine disaster happens!

  9. I need a gift for my wife's birthday at the end of this month and I saw this commercial for something called the "Forever Lazy" footed pajamas. My wife is always cold so I thought this would be a great idea. When I mentioned it to her she said she'd divorce me if I bought "that" for her birthday. I thought they looked kinda cute, but like my wife often reminds me, I don't have a clue!.

  10. shopping can be ok - depends for what, with whom and where

  11. I hate shopping. HATE it. I'm not sure when that happened. I think I liked it when I was younger. Also, I have to lose 20 pounds before it's noticeable. I know everyone says 10 pounds makes a difference, but it DOES NOT!

    Anyway, my advice... Oh, you didn't ask for advice? No?

    (here's my two cents anyway)

    Buy a few basic things for fall. You must have clothes. Give yourself a couple of months to lose a little weight and then hit all the sales after Christmas.

    Good luck on the diet.

  12. I love to look around in stores but hate to try things on. I just bring them home and hope for the best. Things just look awful in those small dressing rooms. Buy yourself a couple of nice cardigans. They look great and keep you toasty.

  13. I go to second hand stores for most of my clothes. They don't cost much
    and it doesn't take long to buzz through the place!

  14. hahaha
    If facebook had a "dislike" button, I would totally dislike shopping-for-clothes :)
    That said, I have had fun (on occasion) searching out good deals at thrift stores. I think I need the challenge of the "hunt" so it doesn't seem so much like drudgery.
    The hardest thing has been finding sweaters that (1) are 100% cotton and (2) either zip or button up (this girl won't be using pullovers until the season of hotflashes has passed). Cotton clothing, in general, is getting harder to find. And I just cannot abide polyester...the sweating that ensues is downright unpleasant.

  15. I'm no fan of shopping, either, especially by myself. If my husband is along, it's much more fun. He thinks everything looks wonderful. Culdescacchronicles had some sound advice. But you know yourself best. Will you really lose 20 pounds? Do you see yourself doing it? Or do you WISH you would and that's as far as it goes?

    If you hate your clothes, don't try to save them if you can afford new things. They just make you feel bad. Give the old things--shaved or not--to charity. That way, someone else can use them and maybe like them, too. Go get some basics that you really look good in and can mix and match. Get one trendy piece in a great color (at least).

    And get some terrific shoes! (Had to throw that in. You know me.)

  16. I really dislike shopping also. Like you said...if I were a few pounds slimmer it might be more worth while.

  17. What a lesson! Go get yourself some cute new clothes, girl!

  18. Find one thing you're happy with/you look cute in that fits you and it will transform you. Trust!


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