Thankful Thursday on a Wednesday Night

Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks…

·         After weeks of making threats I finally vacuumed & mopped tonight.

·         I thought I was coming down with a cold because of sneezing about forty eleven times this morning. But miraculously after I thoroughly cleaned my desk at work I stopped sneezing. Hmmm. Oh you can look at me all smug, but I was sneezing before I got to work thank you very much. Just because I tested allergic for dust has no meaning whatsoever.

·         This might not really be a thanksgiving, but I’ve finally started playing Words with Friends. I don’t have a fancy phone, but it’s available on Facebook now & my friend David invited me to play. Within a couple of hours I had 5 different games going. Oh man am I terrible at this game! And I love words! But I knew I was in trouble when another friend used the word “qis” – what in the world? But I did have a minor success tonight when I played “Jack” for 93 points. I’m still losing the game, but I have regained my self-worth. For now.

·         The weather has been gorgeous this week. It’s been soothing my fall-induced panic. No hats, gloves, & coats just yet.

·         Finally, I’m thankful for the lives of Steve Jobs and Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, who died today. Each of them in their very different ways enriched our world and changed it for the better.

Your turn! What are you thankful for today?


  1. I'm thankful for having a week off work this week (yay!)

    For running water in the house after a plumbing emergency earlier in the week.

    For all the cool stuff that Steve Jobs and the like have brought to us over the years.

  2. I am so grateful the jackhammers are gone, even if there is a different contractor in the basement right now.

    As I write my reply, I didn't know...should I write and submit this on my MacBook Pro, or my iPhone? I like that I have a choice. The brilliant star that was Steve Jobs will be sorely missed but I'm thankful we had him for as long as we did. I think I'm going to watch Toy Story in his honor today.

  3. I thought it interesting when President Obama mentioned that millions of people learned about Steve Jobs' passing on a device Steve invented. I'm grateful for my loving and supportive wife, for her encouragement and for kicking me in the ass when I need it.

  4. LOL Stephen - I could use a good kicking every now & then too.

    You know, I don't have any apple products - that I know of. I've always worked in the business sector where we used PCs & it's been easier to just stick with the same technology. And I never got an iPod or any other i thing. So I look at them all from afar all googly eyed. But I don't need anything. Really. Nothing. Not shopping. Nope.

  5. Love words with friends. I will try and find you on Facebook and play with ya. Like Rudee...I am thankful we had Steve Jobs around as long as we did. My washer broke today and I had to go to the laundromat...something I haven't had to do for many years. So I found myself being very thankful I can afford a washer and dryer.

  6. Oh, Brenda! Washer and dryer = best investment ever!!! Um, Bug...forgive me, but I didn't have the heart to kick you in the ass, as it was broken. Now, of course, I risk bruising myself on all that metal...

  7. Didn't get any packing done today BUT I did spend time with various friends -- for which I'm very thankful. We had breakfast with one couple, I had lunch and spent the afternoon with a dear friend, and we had dinner with another couple. AND -- extra blessing -- I also managed to get the binding sewn on the front of Kyle and Tina's quilt so now I can start working on hand sewing the binding down on the back.

  8. My thankfullness may seem trite, but I am so thankful for this gorgeous weather with sunshine on the turning leaves. It seems to lessen the troubles in our world.

  9. welcome to the world of words with friends!! just thought you'd like to know that anyone who knows that "qis" is a word has cheated. the only reason i know this is bc... hubs and i play each other. we cheat. we're okay with that. ;)

  10. NC Mountain Woman: This is the only world we've got. She is our lovely home, and if she cannot comfort us in times of human strife, what can? You and I are on the same wavelength, my friend :-)

    Oh, and H-Mama: That's hot ;-)

  11. My thankful list is the same every week!

  12. Rachel - I'm usually thankful for the same things every week too. I'm thinking of ditching Thankful Thursday for this very reason. Of course, I'm getting ready to do the ABCs of thanksgiving - yikes!

  13. Words sounds like fun.

    I'm grateful for Steve Jobs too. Grateful that he live during my lifetime and so grateful for my Mac. I can enlarge the font enough to see and I can learn almost anything I want to know and I can visit blogs of friends I'll never meet. A lot to be grateful for.


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