Proceed With Caution

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Proceed With Caution

On the edge of winter,
Someone said,
Let’s slice it clean
                Just here.
This is old.
                This is new.
It seems arbitrary,
But I look both ways
Before I venture forth
Into the new year.
Just in case
That ball comes
Crashing down
                On my head. 

Happy New Year everyone! 


  1. I LOVE this! Happy New Year to you and your sweetie! xoxo

  2. Ha! Happy New Year to you and the good Doc, too. :)

  3. Love the poem and vintage picture. I hope you have a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

  4. I'm with Stephen. Well, not with him. But my comment should echo his. Or like that guy who lived next to a house decorated like a Vegas casino. The guy just put up a sign with an arrow pointing to the neighbor's display and the word . . DITTO. So, that's what I meant. Ditto Stephen's comment.

  5. Love the poem! Look left, look right...maybe make a quick resolution (or not)...cross fingers...dash forward. Happy New Year to you and Dr. M!

  6. Caution is always a good thing. Happy New Year!

  7. Hope 2014 is better for everyone!

  8. Love it! Happy New Year to you both.

  9. OH, my gosh! What a wonderful poem. And isn't that just what we'd like to do? It's the old, "That was then, this is now" approach to life. Begone, old year! I suppose it's not that easy, but sometimes I wish it were.

    Best wishes to you both for a wonderful 2014. One of my resolutions is to be a little more attentive to getting around to other folks' blogs. It's a far better resolution than losing weight or swearing to keep the house clean!

  10. Love it! Your poetry makes me smile :) A good way to start the day!


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