10 on 10

I worked from home yesterday so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to participate in the 10 pictures on the 10th of the month meme. Well don't you know I was BUSY all day! I took a brief break mid-morning & for my meals, but otherwise it was work work work. Imagine - having to work at work. Sheesh.

Here I am, hard at work even before breakfast!

Mushroom, pepper & cheese omelet & grits - this is a definite advantage to working from home.

Took a break & started a new book. This is from the forward. I can't remember if I've told you guys that along with a "real" book, my book club has started assigning the free Kindle book associated with our birth month. What a hoot! Not to say that all free Kindle books aren't real, but they are usually pretty uneven in quality. And many of them are stealth Christian books. This one, however, is letting us know right up front what the agenda is - refreshing! I used to read a lot of light Christian romance & I enjoyed it. I'm more into mysteries lately, but this will be nice change. Unlike my free Kindle book from two months ago which was basically porn with a plot!

Lunch! Mixed greens, home grown tomatoes, peppers, almonds & feta.

After work I roamed around taking pictures. I had to laugh at how I had apparently grabbed my lunch tomatoes from the middle of the pack. Bottom left is a weed that we kind of liked & let grow all summer - now it's blooming. And bottom right is our little watermelon that we decided to go ahead & pick since it was probably not going to get any bigger with the cold weather. 

New crochet project. It's supposed to be a shrug, but I'm thinking I'll have to modify it if it's going to fit me - the model in their picture is about the size of Twiggy.

From my daily walk. This week there's a theme of abandoned children's "vehicles" on the sidewalks. 

Spent some time catching up on blogs. This is Stuff from Ellen's Head - you should check it out!

I was having more & more trouble pulling the yarn from my skein so I finally decided to see what the problem was. Apparently these two decided to become as one. The picture is blurry because I when I picked them up they started spinning together. Needless to say that once I got them disentangled I separated them in the basket :)

Of course we watched baseball - although we didn't stay up for the end. The game went to 10 innings (Kansas City won in case you were wondering).


  1. I was so busy at work I never thought of doing a ten on ten. Glad you remembered! Your omelet looks yummy, and so does your little watermelon.

  2. The salad looks wonderful, and since I'm not a real salad lover, that's a high compliment. It's not that I dislike them, they just seem to be so much trouble to make. But, I have everything in the house except the feta, and I have some really good aged white cheddar. So, maybe it's salad for supper tonight.


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