2014 Project 365 – Week Forty-three

I can’t believe October is almost over! I know that a lot of people are very happy when Daylight Savings Time ends, but personally I’ll be sad next week because that means that many of my daily walk pictures will be in the dark. Sigh.

Sunday, October 19th     
Dr. M went to the Renaissance Festival with some of his students. Looks pretty ferocious to me!

Our stewardship team at church put on a luau for us this year (last year we had high tea). They always work hard & we have a lot of fun.

My daily walk – nice fall golden light.

Monday, October 20th    
My daily walk – the looonnggg shadow edition.

Tuesday, October 21st    
Dr. M took pictures around campus. This is one of my favorites trees.

My daily walk – fall berries.

Wednesday, October 22nd
Dr. M took some fabulous fall pictures today!

I used my Planet Box for the first time in forever.

My daily walk. I always know witch way I’m going these days :)

Dr. M got us a couple of spooky cookies. After I head eaten most of mine I said that I’d meant to get a picture. Fortunately, he had started at the other end so we had most of a cookie for the picture. Ha!

Thursday, October 23rd
Dr. M. wasn’t late for class, but only because he gave himself plenty of time.

I had a dermatologist appointment today. I was amused by the sign on the bathroom door – seemed extra fancy to me.

My daily walk, haunted by the ice cream truck. Isn’t it enough to listen to Turkey in the Straw approximately 943 times during the summer?

Dr. M drove to Louisville for a conference. When he checked into the motel the clerk asked, "Are ya here for the pigeon show or the lawn & garden show?" Dr. M thought about answering, "Actually I'm here for the murder and mayhem...and the bourbon..." (The conference was called, The Hard Hand of War, Irregulars and Civilians in the Civil War.)

Friday, October 24th
My daily walk. The black & white photo was an accident, but I kind of liked it.

I took some pictures around the yard. Things look a bit seedy, but they certainly aren’t DONE yet!

Since I was on my own I made comfort food for dinner.

Saturday, October 25th    
My daily walk, the mowing edition. The route from the Map my Walk app never fails to make me laugh.

Dr. M visited with Mr. Lincoln before he left Louisville.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. FYI, I switched gears this year at the Ren Fest. I morphed from a traditional Renaissance pirate to a sailor who had been to the Far East and back. The sword reflects the East Asia influence, while my wardrobe was European. It was kind of a fantasy venture...I liked it!

  2. In that first picture Dr. M looks like he's right out of the TV program Sons of Anarchy, a program we're really getting into.

  3. cute boots, cute hair! looks like fall is really showing it's colors there. Still not here.

  4. Your hair style suits you so well. That Planet Box is cool and your food looks so pretty in it.

    1. Thanks! I need to remember to use my Planet Box more often. I tend to pack healthier snacks in it.

  5. What IS that thing on the road?! It looks like a transformer!

    Quite a busy week, but colourful, at least. (My spell-check adjusting for British spelling, again. :) )

    1. They do look like transformers! It's a sprayer. It has long arms that unfold on either side, and built to ride high above the maturing crops. I don't want to dwell overmuch about all the chemicals they apply to crops and with what consequences, but it is a fascinating piece of equipment!

  6. Oh, I just can't decide on a fav, every day so good!
    Contrast between Sunday Dr. M and Lincoln Dr. M--loved it!

    1. Yes - just two of the many sides of Dr. M!


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