Black and White

My Facebook friend Shers Gallagher challenged me to post a black and white picture per day for 7 days. It was fun! Of course I cheated by just taking regular pictures & using software to remove the color :)

Going home

Bed head

Readers unite!


End of day


After the rain


  1. Black and white has a totally different mood than color. Great pictures!

  2. That first shot has a Twilight Zone quality to it, like something mysterious is down the road.

  3. I'm not sure "Ready" is technically black and white...:)

    Seriously, great shots. Black and white DOES give an entirely different feel. I'm not sure it's "cheating" to remove the color -- that's pretty much how everyone does it these days, unless they're still shooting film.

  4. the one of the church is very clever, the way you kept the tapestry in color. I sometimes take the color out of my etched glass pics because they look better that way.

  5. Very very nice, Bug. I loved every one of them.

  6. That is some fabulous bed head, dahling. Fabulous!


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