SunDarla has inspired me. There's no way I'll keep this up - I'm so much busier than I was back when I blogged regularly. But I'm going to at least try to post every day in October. You may have noticed that I'm three for three so far. Go me! Anyway, since I missed Monday Miscellany & I know you really need to hear the minutia of my life, here is a list:

1. The other evening I tried Sparkling Ice Orange Mango Naturally Flavored Sparkling Mountain Spring Water (yes, it has the word "sparkling" twice in its name). It has 50 mg of green tea in it, and I looked it up, and they say there's no caffeine, but when I went to bed I tossed and I turned and turned and tossed. Urgh. Of course it could have been because of this next point...

2. Oh the feet, they are HOT! I do not know what to do about this - I've always had such cold feet. Now I remember fondly the days of cold feet - running an inch deep bath to warm them up before bed - turning on my electric blanket & piling on an extra blanket or three plus a stuffed dog... Sigh. Anyway, my hot feet are keeping me awake at night. What to do? Ice packs?

3. Dr. M & I decided to upgrade my computer hallelujah and amen. I had an older desktop and a not quite as old cheap laptop, and neither of one of them were working very well. It was taking me three hours or more just to get my Project 365 post completed. I got a discount through work on a new Dell laptop and so far I am VERY happy with it. Speedy, reliable, replaces my desktop & other laptop... It's nice to have everything in one (portable) place. Reminds me of one of the reasons I was so excited to get married - I could finally move all my stuff in with Dr. M instead of basically living in two places :)

4. I have some sort of mange or some such on my face. A rash that reminds me of the acne rosacea I had years ago. I don't know - it's unattractive. BUT now I'm finally checking off one of those things on that list of 50 that I didn't quite get done last year. I'm going to a dermatologist & having a full skin scan done. I expect to either find out that none of my suspicious moles are suspicious or that I should have 10 removed. Oh, & hopefully she can take care of this mange thing.

5. I can't think of a 5th thing, and it's almost bedtime and I still have to finish this chapter of the Harry Dresden book I'm reading. Harry is in dire straits. Will he get out of the current pickle? Magic Eight Ball says "Reply Hazy, Try Again." Hmm...


  1. The computer upgrade will be a huge relief, I'm sure! I don't know what to think about the feet. That's very strange.

  2. Marc wants to get a new computer too. oh the hot feet thing. I slept with my feet out of the covers for years. not so much now but sometimes. I went to the dermatologist last month and had a thing on my nose looked at. she cut it off and had it biopsied. basal cell carcinoma. have to go back this month to see what she wants to do about it.

  3. The past few weeks I've had the Toasty Tootsies thing as well. And here I thought I was OVER with The Menopause. Apparently, it's the Gift That Keeps On Giving. I just kick out from under the covers and hope for the best. It's terrible, isn't it? And the rest of me--esp my hands--can be icy. Why are we such a package? It's so dreadfully unfair.

  4. If my Magic Eightball really had magic in it it would have provided a clue as to where I lost it.

  5. Congratz on your new toy . . oops . . I mean computing device.

  6. No advice on the hot feet. I tend to be warm all over, but then I'm in Florida. My computer is over seven years old, so I can relate to your joy about your new laptop.

    I've been to a dermatologist twice for annual checkups. Good luck with yours!


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