Monday Miscellaney

Well here it is 8:00 at night & I just remembered that I hadn't posted today. Whew - that was close! I know you're relieved...

  • We (meaning Dr. M) set up my home office over the weekend. I mostly sat around & read a book while he moved all the furniture & got the internet sorted out. And now that it's all set up I probably won't actually use it for work for several weeks. I was reviewing my calendar & realized that I'm going to be away from home for the next three weekends! Land sakes! I'm not cut out for all this gallivanting (I got new boots last week, which explains my turns of phrase here). Next weekend we're headed to a conference in Tennessee. The weekend after we'll be in Louisville. And the weekend after THAT I'll be at a Vestry retreat. November doesn't look any less crazy. Eep.
  • Today was "wear purple" day at work. I admit that I went onto the interwebs last night to figure out an interesting way to wear my scarf. Fun & easy! (My hair is a bit wild - lots of running my fingers through it while I figured out a problem at work.)

  • However, Dr. M wins the day. It's homecoming week at his school, so he got to wear pajamas to work today!

OK, that's all I've got. Hope you guys have a great evening. Tune in tomorrow for more random. Same bat(ty)-time. Same bat(ty)-channel. :)


  1. You're lookin' good in purple!

  2. You look great in purple and wild hair! But nothing can compete with pajamas.

  3. You look quite chic in that purple scarf.

  4. Yes, you look great. Dr. M, I'm not so sure.

    1. Good call, Bruce! You know beauty, and lack thereof, lol! Also, those PJs were rather warm today...ick.

  5. I'm a devoted champion of The Scarf. I have dozens and dozens--including a couple of purply ones--and I wear them pretty much every day once the weather gets cooler. Be careful; they're addictive. I can't pass by them and not look through and find one I "need." Now that you know the many ways to tie and wrap them and that you look lovely in one, you'll likely do the same.

  6. Heavens, girl. You are looking great. What are you doing? I love the hair. Maybe that's it but you really look great. The scarf is nice, too.


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