Poetry Saturday

October brings spring’s
evil twin, tiptoeing
skipping, running
backward through
fallen leaves.
She blows a kiss
crisp as an autumn apple.
Sullen, I contemplate
the coat closet.


  1. almost like an extra long haiku. love the little twist.

  2. You did it! Yea, you! And such a delightful, energetic verse. Well, apart from that sullenness associated iwth the coat closet. I really like it!

    I'm keeping you pinned so I'll remember to stop by every day with encouragement. I often don't get here because -- well, you Blogger people are hard to keep up with. Even the email notifications usually come a day or two late, and I won't use Google Friend Connect. Crotchety me. But I think the tab will do it!

  3. October has a way with turning every path into a Yellow Brick Road. Lovely poem.

  4. Love your poem! Love fall! We're having a cold front moving through this weekend. The high is supposed to be a chilly 82º tomorrow...yeay!

  5. What a great photo, and I like the poem about the ambivalence with which we all greet fall.


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