Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Fifty-one

The theme of this week is: how many different Christmas jammies will The Bug wear during her daily walks? Also, Other Assorted Christmas and Crochet.

Please note: Not to offend anyone, but I think the use of the word "jammies" instead of pajamas sounds really weird. And makes me crave jam (specifically, strawberry). But for some reason Christmas pajamas just ARE jammies. 

Sunday, December 14th
My daily walk. This was my last outside walk of the week.

Monday, December 15th Happy Anniversary!
It was our anniversary, but Dr. M was grading all day & I had to work, so we waited until Tuesday to celebrate. I decided that I needed to block the little hat I had made. I dampened the brim & found just the thing to use as a hat form so it could dry straightened out somewhat.

That evening I decided to make a hat that might actually fit an infant.

My daily walk – the first of the Christmas jammies. Plus, snowman earrings!

Tuesday, December 16th      
I thought a hat comparison was in order. Ha!

Dr. M found some Christmas decorations – imagine that!

We went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for our anniversary. We took pictures of the food, but you know, Mexican food isn’t really all that attractive. Heh.

My daily walk – Chilly Willy Christmas jammies.

Wednesday, December 17th
Our Christmas tree. We have just a FEW penguin ornaments. Just a few. Hundred. Probably.

Dr. M has been working on paracord bracelets for folks.

I had the day off (don’t go back to work until the 29th – woo hoo!), so I worked on Christmas cards. We send out around 90 every year. Yes, we are insane.

I had choir practice & decided to get a picture of the altar. Waiting…

My daily walk, this time not in jammies – just a Christmas vest.

Thursday, December 18th
Hard at work on another crochet project I happened to glance down & was highly amused. From Facebook: I just told Dr. M that I didn't know how he's been able handle how sexy I've looked all day. What? You don't think Chilly Willy jammies, plaid shirt, purple socks, & slippers are sexy?

My daily walk. Sock Monkey-ish Gingerbread Man jammies.

Friday, December 19th  
Finished! Whew! This is for a Penn State fan.

This is for Bella Rum at Cul-de-Sac Chronicles – it’s my handy dandy needle threader – designed for yarn. I noticed when I took the picture that the small wire part meant for regular needles & thread is broken.

We decided to have date night at Rural King and drove around looking at lights afterward. This place was impressive – they had music, and one of the trains had a camera on it, which fed to the TV screen.

My daily walk – boring jeans and a pajama top. But look! I noticed this tiny little pocket on the sleeve which was perfect for my MP3 player :)

Saturday, December 20th    
Got the bright idea to make booties to go with the little hat. Um, a little large, yes? Ha!

My daily walk. OK, this was really cheating, but I did actually walk for 20 minutes – up and down the hallway, so I could watch Forrest Gump. And just today I noticed that he’s reading a Playboy magazine in that picture. Oh my!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I love your rings showing in that last picture of the baby bootie. And I'm surprised Dr. M hasn't educated you on this fact: no one READS Playboy Magazine!

    BTW, I still worry about you walking after dark. Unless you have a huge can of Mace or an UZI.

    1. We have a pretty quiet neighborhood. The crime that goes down here is mostly domestic, or low-end weed trafficking, or kids smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. We have a lot of people walking dogs, riding bikes, jogging, etc., though not so many at night...except for teens.She's never been harassed by anyone, that she has mentioned.

  2. You aren't walking outdoors in pajamas, are you? You're indoor dreadmilling, right? Please tell me so. Even if it's a Big Lie.

    1. I will admit that one day I wore the pajama bottoms outside - but I was wearing my big coat & really, in my neighborhood, unless I'm wearing a bikini I don't think anyone would notice! But no - the other pajama pics are inside on my trusty Gazelle :)

  3. I love all your penguin decorations! Ha - driving around, looking at Christmas lights is such a great pastime right about now. We have a few houses around here that are probably visible from the space station...LOL.

    You send out 90 cards? Wow, I'm impressed. Do you get as many back?

  4. Ah! I see from your comment over at Bella's you're leaving for NC tomorrow. Have fun, be safe, Merry Christmas to you both. And thanks for the pic of that yarn threader. Maybe, if I can remember to do it, I'll look for one of those for me. And a needle threader. It's time to come up with achievable goals for the New Year. That ought to be achievable, don't you think?

    Your jammies are cool. I'm trying to think... I call them jammies. I'm from Iowa. I have three friends who call them jammies: one Minnesotan, one Kansan, and another Iowan. Could it be a Yankee term?

  5. I knew you'd like the ice penguins ;-)
    Thanks for always stopping by my blog and for your great comments.
    Like soft fluffy baby hat w/ flower ! and booties.
    Cool blue and white scarf and many options.
    I was encouraged that someone else sends out beaucoup cards.
    Christmas blessings!

  6. 90 cards! Wow! I used to send about 50 or 60 but we stopped that years ago. I love the new infant hat, too!

  7. Great pictures. Ninety Christmas cards? That's a lot, especially in this electronic age. Take care.

  8. Superwoman (she's grown fer cryin' out loud), Wonder Woman, and Batwoman (she is too) on my loungey pants.


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