Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Project 365 – Week Fifty

There are still too many pictures of me on here – but I reckon this IS my blog & I can post a jillion selfies if I want to – right? To counter-act all the Me-ness, there are a number of pictures of Christmas displays. Hope it helps.

Sunday, December 7th
My daily walk. I walk by an old quarry on my usual route – and now I can actually see it.

Dr. M was goofing around – these are some sheep clips that I gave him for his birthday. They’re using some paracord to try to make a break for it.

I don’t remember why I took this picture – it was right before I turned the light out for the night. I think I was going to text it to Dr. M who was still in the other room. But when I saw it tonight it made me laugh out loud – had to share.

Monday, December 8th    
Dr. M made that southwest chicken recipe again – YUM!

My daily walk. Christmas lights, as promised. Plus a sidewalk full of debris! It was gone the next day, thank goodness.

Tuesday, December 9th      
My daily walk – more Christmas craziness. In case you’re wondering, that one inflatable is Santa Claus in the tub washing his back with a brush. Heh.

This was the prayer from my prayer book tonight.

Wednesday, December 10th
You can see the rest of my 10 on 10 pictures here, but I wanted to address one very important issue. I, too, prefer my egg to be really runny, but I let this one cook too long while I peeled those dagnabbit clementines. Sheesh – you would have thought I was trying to get into Fort Knox or something! Also, that’s a slice of sharp cheddar and a slice of provolone on the toast underneath the egg.

My daily walk. Our neighbors have these lights in the yard, but I don’t really know why…

Our Christmas flag.

Thursday, December 11th
The moon! Dr. M took this picture in the wee hours of Thursday morning (he often wakes up in the middle of the night).

I worked feverishly all evening on this alluring ugly hat. It’s a lovely chartreuse color that doesn’t show up correctly in these pictures. But it’s reflective, so hopefully people can see me when I’m out at night. I took it for a spin on my daily walk.

The moon! It’s a two-fer! Isn’t it interesting how much it changed in the roughly 21 hours between pictures?

Friday, December 12th  
Got some good news in the mail today. This is from Dr. M’s facebook page.

My daily walk. I just wasn’t in the mood to go outside, even though it was warm(ish). You may or may not be able to tell, but those are Mickey Mouse pajama pants. And you may or may not be interested to know that I wore those same pants for my walk the next day. Around the neighborhood. In the daylight. I am nothing if not fashionable.

Saturday, December 13th    
My daily walk – love the rust colored plants! Yarrow of some kind?

We decorated our tree!!

Today I worked feverishly on a hat for someone’s baby. It’s a bit larger than I thought it would be – maybe she can wear it at 3 months? And isn’t it the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen?

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. I was trying to figure out where I'd seen the photos of your egg and the reflective yarn before -- they were in your previous post! Now I understand.

    I've never seen Christmas lights spread around on the lawn like that. An interesting idea. And I like the baby hat!

    1. It was like deja vu, Steve! :-) Yeah, he was just spreading out the lights to untangle them, but then it took him a week to get them all on the house. I'll try to get a pic with them all lit...pretty sweet! And I love the baby hat!

  2. My comments haven't been going through, but I'm still here and trying. I'm trying old Google account.

    Love the Christmas decorations. Reflective yarn? I had not idea, but I'm glad you're wearing something reflective. I'm one of those drivers that really appreciates that.

    1. She is rather reflective...and that's a good thing! I night vision is not so good.

  3. That would be how I decorate with lights - just throw them across the yard :) haha
    Reflective yarn??? BRILLANT!!!!

    1. But he never plugged them in! I think it would be brilliant to plug them in like that :-D

  4. what is on your nose?! and I love the tassel on your hat.

    1. Those must be a pair of her mom's reading glasses...I think that's what she keeps to read her devotionals at night, and then play hearts on her phone :-)

  5. I haven't felt festive enough to decorate the outside of our home...yet.

    1. Awww...hope you get a healthy dose of the festive this week, Stephen!

  6. O.K. Call me crazy but I like the December 7th picture of your hair. And I'm not going to say a thing about Pearl Harbor.

  7. Yeay on the good-news mammogram!

    I think there should be a rule that if you post pictures of yummy homemade food, there should be a recipe (or a link to a recipe) to go with it. Just sayin'.

    I wonder if your neighbors - the ones with the lights on the lawn - need to be told that this is not the way to grow Christmas trees...

    1. Hahaha! They finally got all the lights put was a long process, given their insane schedules, number of kids, etc. I'll try to get a pic of the house as it is now.

  8. I love your handiwork in all forms and still marvel at the amount of production you have! I particularly enjoy your handiwork when I wrap it around my shoulders and stroke it. A precious possession!!

    I never tire of peeking in at the quirky humor you two share. I don't have a shred of quirky so I especially admire it in others.

    1. We are all about the quirk...or as one student described me years ago: "he's quarky as hell" ;-)

  9. Cute you!
    Silly inflatables!
    Interesting hats!
    Enjoyable comments ;-) !

  10. that soup looks pretty amazing. I wanted to reach in and fill myself a bowl


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