Friday, December 5, 2014

Your Questions Answered

I’ve been really bad about responding to comments on my blog lately (Lately? When am I ever good at it?), so I thought I would address some of the questions in a post.

·         This isn’t a question, but a few people commented on the number of folks at our Thanksgiving gathering. Just wanted to point out that this is just my dad’s side of the family – so it’s only half of my relatives. My mom’s side has even more people, but we don’t get together anymore (insert sad face here).

·         A couple of weeks ago Stephen Hayes asked, “Do you feel colder this winter without your long hair?” The answer is, sometimes, but mostly not. Sometimes I feel like I need to wear a scarf in the house because my neck gets cold. Outside I either AM wearing a scarf or my coat is sufficient. But one of the reasons I got my hair cut was “the menopause,” and frankly I think I did the wrong thing. Because I still have a LOT of hair, only I can’t pull it away from my head like before. Some nights I’m tempted to just chop it down even further… But I’m going to resist & let it grow back out again :)

·         Speaking of hair, Rita – that long hair look in the family Thanksgiving photo is just the ruffles on my shrug (I forgot to point out that I wore the shrug I made).

·         OK, about that persimmon pudding, my aunt didn’t make it this year! (insert another sad face here). I don’t know what recipe she uses, but this one looks right. They show a piece with whipped cream on it, but I’ve never eaten it that way. 

Credit: Helen Rosner
It ranks up there with pecan pie as one of my favorite fall desserts. There was a persimmon tree at my grandparents’ house – they’re pretty yummy straight off the tree, as long as they’re ripe. If they’re NOT ripe, get ready to make a lemon face!  

Persimmon photo from here

Well, that’s it for this week’s edition of Your Questions Answered. Tune in next week… for some other random post because I’ll forget to answer any questions again!


  1. Thanks for answering our questions. I hope you're having a terrific weekend.

  2. Oh...I like this! Now I'll have to think of some more questions to ask with your blog posts! :-)

  3. weird coincidence, today I was googling how to open a pomegranate, and discovered that a persimmon is the same thing as the "kaki" fruit sold in my localish supermarket, I'd heard of persimmon's but they're not marketed as such here, which is weird, I think they'd sell a lot better than as kaki fruit!!


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