Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winner Winner!

Thanks to the two of you who participated in my Lilla Rose Flexi Clip giveaway! I used a very scientific method to choose the winner - I asked Dr. M to pick a letter of the alphabet (without telling him why). The winner is the person whose first name is closest to that letter. He chose the letter "B" & so Bruce Taylor at Oddball Observations is the winner. Congratulations Bruce! I know SWMBO will enjoy the clip :)

Here is the picture he submitted to prove that he'd been outside. As usual, Bruce, you made me laugh out loud. Ha!


  1. Wha? Why, I'd just like to say I'm honored and I'd like to thank my photographer, SWMBO, who also helped me get up. And I'd like to say to all the little people . . . what's that? The orchestra is playing me off? But . . but . . but . . (fade to black).

  2. I'd give the prize to him for no reason other than the clever photograph. Makes me laugh.

  3. Just wait and see. I bet Bruce keeps that clip for himself!

  4. Hahaha...I'm not sure what's funnier, your post or Bruce's response! Or Stephen's.

  5. so sorry I missed the competition, but don't think I'd have beaten that anyway!!!


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