Try Again

So, my last post was on Saturday night. Yeah, been kind of quiet on the old blog since then. Sometimes (and I know this will amaze and astound you) my brain takes a brief hiatus.

Last night I lay in bed composing the best blog post ever! Um, no. The morning light was a little too harsh on that bit of drivel. Aren’t you glad I didn’t get up in the night & just go ahead & post it? Really, you are.

So, since I am not having any original thoughts, I decided to quote someone else.

I’ve quoted Mother Barbara Crafton on here before. She’s an Episcopal priest who sends motivational emails (eMo’s) from The Geranium Farm. In her latest one she talks about how so often if we slack off or fail at something we just give up. “Oh well, I guess I just won’t make that happen this time.” I totally have that mentality – it’s all or nothing with me. At the end of the eMo she says:

Oh, but I've lost so much time! Well, okay. So the answer to that is to lose some more? Never mind what you've lost -- what can you find in the time that remains to you? How's this for an epitaph: She was off to a good start and then made a few errors. Concluding that this made all her past efforts worthless, she resolved never to try again, and she never did. Some time later, she died.

No? I didn't like it, either. Here's a better one:

She did the best she could, and it was often more than sufficient. When it fell short, she rested awhile and tried again. Sometimes she succeeded. In any case, she got further than any of us thought she would.

To read the whole eMo, go here.


  1. Dear The Bug,
    A lovely thought for me today. Thank you. Back to the Zombies!

    Ann T.

  2. Gosh, it's got to be this heat! I just checked the forecast and we have at least two more weeks of 90+ hades.

  3. My brain goes blank too, like right now.

    In the immortal words of the three stooges...I'm tryin' to think but nothing's happening.

  4. My brain has been blank for some time now.

    Ms. Crafton's words really speak to my daughter. She is is the most, "If I can't do it perfect the very first time I try oh well, never mind..." kind of person I have ever met and it drives me insane. By no means am I a "Climb the mountain if it kills me" kind of person, but one should at least give each project a good faith effort.

  5. I often write amazing posts when I'm in bed and then forget the whole thing in the morning!!

    CJ xx

  6. Beautiful and inspirational post, Dana. We all have those off-times. The key is to rest, but also to remain hopeful :)

  7. I've done that whole posting-on-impulse route (and with or two of wine to boot!) and let me just say, "regrets, I've had (not just) a few. ha ha.

    Now I'm headed for the vilanelle...


  8. I swear, I have not had anything to drink (yet), but that last comment might lead you to think differently.


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