Weekly Wordzzle - The Fluffy Edition

Oh my goodness it’s fluffy Wordzzle week! I’ve been reading too many really terrible books that I can’t put down. And there’s no end in sight – I’m reading a whole series of books (I’m on Book 7 of 16) and I feel like a rubbernecker at a train wreck. I can’t stop watching. Oh well, I have a Dean Koontz book scheduled for next month. I can regain some of my capacity for intelligent thought then.

Words for the mini: fluid, acreage, fasten, tripe, pages

Sighing, I flip through the pages. I can’t believe I’m really reading this tripe. I’m starting to wonder if I was hypnotized as a child & told that it was illegal to skip through to the end if I didn’t want to read the whole book. Because I just can’t do it – and that’s illogical! The story is ok, but the writing is horrendous. But I’m hooked now – I have to find out what the mysterious fluid is that’s seeping into the ground at Torpor House. It’s amazing that the heroine found it at all, what with the vast acreage of the estate. I fasten my gaze on the paragraphs in front of me, ready to slog through to the end.

Words for the 10-worder: corner, cold-stone, rolex, sole, effortless, raindrops, eyebrow, speaker, amusing, leapt

Standing in the corner by the enormous speaker, Allison wondered if she’d ever get up the nerve to actually join the party. Her friend Julie obviously found all the mingling effortless. She didn’t have any trouble talking to the handsome guy with the cold-stone stare and the Rolex watch. He even lifted an eyebrow, seeming to find Julie amusing. Allison sighed, then her heart leapt as Mr. Gorgeous headed her way. “Calm down, Allison, calm down, it’s just some normal human interaction. People do it all the time without tragic consequences.” Allison was horrified to realize that the words were actually coming out of her mouth. Mr. Gorgeous started laughing out loud and said that Julie had decided that they should get to know each other & had sent him over. Allison was mortified all over again – she might have to kill Julie later. But maybe not. He started talking to her as if his sole purpose in life was to find out her deepest secrets and make them his. Allison never did join the party. They talked long into the night, and all the words were cool raindrops washing away her loneliness.

Words for the mega: corner, cold-stone, rolex, sole, effortless, raindrops, eyebrow, speaker, amusing, leapt, fluid, acreage, fasten, tripe, pages

I have spent entirely too much time indulging in my favorite ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Truthfully, I would rather have Peanut Butter Cup Perfection than a Rolex. Actually, this is an easy decision to make because I’ve given up wearing watches. As a Type F personality (I’m sure that one exists – or maybe it should be Type S for Slothful) I have made a fluid transition into watchless existence.

For example, it’s so much easier to listen to the speaker up there spouting his tripe when I don’t have any idea how long he’s been at it. I have, however, been counting his pages of notes as he turns them. Yikes! Perhaps, if I pull out my small hand mirror I can practice raising one eyebrow as if I find all of this amusing, in a “you are so beneath me” sort of way. But I’m afraid the folks sitting beside me might not think that was quite the thing to do at a lecture on time management. Sigh. He needs to finish – I think they’re calling for rain later.

Anyway, about ice cream. I couldn’t fasten my jeans this morning. I got them zipped, but the button was a no go. This used to be an effortless part of my day, and the sole reason it no longer is lurks on a corner scant minutes from my home. All this additional acreage on my backside is really unattractive. Next time I go I’ll get the Berry Berry Good with Sinless Sweet Cream.

Who am I kidding – I’ll get the peanut butter again. Sigh. I might have to move.

What’s this? All the people around me have leapt to their feet. Talking Dude must be finished at last! Obviously this attempt to better myself was a bust. Perhaps I should take up bicycling instead. I ponder this idea all the way to my car, where I miss the raindrops by minutes. Am I lucky or what?

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  1. I am the same way with books. No matter how rotten they are, once I've started one I can't stop. I tell myself that it's a waste of my time, but once committed...

  2. I have had my share of unfinished series. If I stick with one all the way through then it must be truely wonderful.

    I liked your last story best of all. Something about the decission to get peanut butter again struck a cord.

  3. I have spent many an hour with fluffy books, and quite a few dreaming of food during meetings! Slothful, indeed!

  4. I love all three of these. I'm a BIG (literally and figurativley) fan of Cold Stone, though lucky for me there isn't any way for me to get it these days.

    And the wallflower girl - well, could have been me - except Mr. Gorgeous never found me.... and I loved your first one too.... really is annoying when a book stinks and you can't stop reading anyway.

    I had such a hard time with these words and you made it seem effortless.

  5. Heh! I've read books like the one in your mini. I'm keen to know what the books are that you are reading in real life (8 of 16).

    Alison's story was really well told, the words just blended in seamlessly.

    Your mega was a real treat. I've found myself in situations just like that, yearning for some droning old fool to finish. I can relate to the backside bit too!

    These were really polished pieces this week.

  6. Yeah - i could relate to the first story a lot. I went to the cinema some years ago just to get out of the house and the film was terrible, but there was that cold fascination of how much worse could it get? So i kept on watching

  7. Dear The Bug,
    Oh, all three of these! I think the novel series you are reading must have a romance twist, or else No. 2 would not have been quite so happy an ending.

    But time management--icky--even though I have been posting lately on organization, I have to say--who am I kidding here?

    And since I live alone, it must only be me! LOL!
    Ann T.


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